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Camzap Alternative - Tops the List of Video Social Network Websites


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- After mobile phones, the internet is undoubtedly the most famous medium for communication. Just like the mobile phones have their advantages similarly internet has its own. Mobile phones are portable and one can communicate with anyone anytime while the Internet is cost effective and one can talk to his family abroad without spending a single penny for the purpose. Talking about internet and connecting people from different parts of the world, the word that is famous for such algorithms is social networking. Just after reading the word ‘social networking’ one directly opens up Facebook, the popular social networking website, in their minds and that’s how these days most teenagers and others think when they hear the word 'social networking'.

How about the term video social networking? The idea of video social networking is growing rapidly and catching the eyes of the masses. Among such websites, is one of the most highly rated video social networking websites. Chattino not only satisfies each and every other basic algorithm of the video social networking, but in fact offers bit more just to provide the icing on the already delicious cake. More and more people are getting attracted towards video social networking websites, that’s only because people like to talk to strangers that are residing in different parts of the world belonging to different traditions, cultures and background. They like to know about how others live their lives in different terrains and like to interact with them and that’s where the idea of video social networking comes in handy. is a social networking website that allows the individuals to interact with complete strangers without even disclosing their identity. All they need to do is to go to and start the video cam and connect to the Chattino world. Even with the existence of several other amazing video social networking websites, is considered to be the next big thing in the video social networking websites. Camzap is among the few other video social networking websites that are doing fairly well and are welcomed by the masses as well.

But since users are bored by using the same old fashioned Camzap, they are looking for something new that could replace Camzap, and Chattino is one perfect Camzap alternative that not only offers almost every other thing that Camzap does but also offers some other cool features as well, like playing games, IM etc. So anyone who has previously used Camzap and gave up because of boring usual stuff then he should really come back and try out Chattino because it is the best Camzap alternative.

About is a German based video social networking website that has all the basic stuff that puts it into a video social networking website category, and perhaps some more features that makes it even more interesting than others of its league.

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