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Can a 90-Second Video Save Your Real Estate Marketing?

In his new book, Real Estate Marketing in the 21st Century: Video Marketing for Realtors, Michael Smythe shows realtors how to turn simple YouTube videos and smartphone confessionals into new leads and higher commissions.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- Real estate marketing used to involve little more than fridge magnet calendars and direct mail flyers. (Which usually ended up in the trash.)

But then an amazing thing thing happened in 2008: streaming video became as commonplace as a Lindsay Lohan arrest. Which, according to Michael Smythe, author of "Real Estate Marketing in the 21st Century: Video Marketing for Realtors," gave realtors their best marketing tool since the Saturday open house.

"Video is powerful because it's so damn personal," says Smythe, a realtor himself. "All the banner ads and billboard signs and cold-calling in the world can't beat a simple 90-second video where a realtor talks directly to the camera."

So, why aren't realtors by the droves boosting their business with online video. Well, Smythe believes there's a couple reasons.

The newness of video, for one: "We've barely scratched the surface of what video marketing can do for us realtors."

As well as the intimidation factor: "A lot of people get hung up in the technology, and find writing a blog post easier."

But perhaps the biggest reason realtors haven't stepped up to the video marketing plate is that they don't quite know what to say. "Most realtors have tried posting a few videos on YouTube, only to find little success," says Smythe. "That's because they're in sales mode. Wrong approach! Teach people cool insider tricks...and they'll think you're a cool person. (And somebody they want to handle their real estate duties.)"

In his new tome, part of an existing series on Real Estate Marketing, offers simple tips and strategies for how to find the right gear, how to film videos fast, and how to promote them to a huge audience.

But really, as Smythe points out, doing anything with video will be better than most of the competition. "Most people won't do videos because they're scared. Be vulnerable, teach people what you know on video, and you can't be stopped."

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