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Can Cloud Grown Lettuce Help Alleviate Poverty?


Bradford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- Hydroponic growing is a system or method of food production which involves growing plants under artificial light in a nutrient rich, water based solution without the need for soil. Up until recent times, hydroponics has been an uncommon and somewhat niche method for the production of food.

Poverty alleviation

In a world where poverty is on the increase, more sustainable methods of food production are rapidly needed to alleviate starvation across third and developing world countries. The technical giant Fujitsu has developed a process to produce low-potassium lettuce and spinach at its Aizu Wakamatsu factory in Japan by applying cloud based analytics to the hydroponic process. The operation takes place in a modified room formerly used for semiconductor production.

What are the benefits of Hydroponic production?

Efficient production – more food can be grown in less space without need for soil
Set up anywhere – artificial lighting means the grow can take place in any location
This is a sustainable method for an ever increasing global population
Yields can be up to 10 times more than from other growing methods
Pollution from pesticides and herbicides can be controlled and contained
Local food production reduces costs and helps maintain quality

The production process is controlled remotely via Fujitsu's cloud platform Akisai. Data is stored and analysed from sensors within the greenhouse which facilitates the ventilation fans, heating and other equipment used in production.

A spokesperson for Bradford Hydroponics said "It's absolutely incredible that a technological company has highlighted the unique benefits of hydroponic growing to a wide audience, whilst also proving a sustainable and cost effective production method. We can only hope that more people follow suit worldwide to seriously consider hydroponics on a mass scale."

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