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Can I Borrow Soy Sauce? Side-Splitting New Novel Documents Adventures of Asian Family in America; Hailed "Colorful, Charismatic and Crazy!" by Critics

Masterfully crafted by Lucy Alviz Pepper, ‘Can I Borrow Soy Sauce?: The Hilarious Adventures Of An Asian Family In America’ fuses a cultural cocktail of whimsical fun with a very real education on some of American’s most ethic residents. From opening an assisted living facility to counselling her two younger sisters and even stabilizing her wacky relatives, protagonist Maria Henson is one Filipino woman determined to make a new life under the Stars and Stripes.


Corona, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Asian Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States, yet they still stay true to their beliefs and often put the cultures of ‘home’ front-and-center in their lives. In a witty and insightful new novel by Lucy Pepper, anyone and everyone can get a rare look at the life one such family.

‘Can I Borrow Soy Sauce?: The Hilarious Adventures Of An Asian Family In America’ twists fact and fiction to tell the story of the Henson’s, a tumultuous and tenacious family that provide as much of a cultural education as they do a diaphragm-stretching workout.


"Can I Borrow Soy Sauce?" is a charming novel detailing the hilarious adventures of an Asian family in America. At their center is Maria Henson, a wife, mom of three children and a businesswoman who runs an Assisted Living Facility across the street from her home. She is constantly in motion. One moment she is counseling her two younger sisters, the next minute she is calming her colorful residents at her facility. Her cast of characters includes her stabilizing husband John, her eccentric parents, Gregorio and Cora, her wacky relatives, Robert, Sam and Zoilo and her sweet caregivers, Clarissa, Katrina and Arlene. There is never a dull moment from dawn to dusk as Maria, the charming whirling dervish runs the show and keeps everyone in line with her sweet manner, protective instincts and strong-will to guarantee everyone's success.

“The novel may be funny and at-times zany, but it does accurately reflect the lives of millions of Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, Koreans, Japanese that move across the world to call the United States home,” explains Pepper. “Expect an in-at-the-deep-end look at their lives before walking away with a whole new respect for your Asian-American cousins.”

Continuing, “The story is actually a microcosm of U.S. immigration that stretches back generations, and not just for Asian countries. The United States has the most tightly-woven cultural fabric for any developed nation, and my book shows the calamity-ridden experiences of one family at a grassroots level.”

The book has garnered a string of rave reviews and comments. These include, "A must read for anyone immigrating to America or trying to cope in America!", "Maria Henson is a national treasure!”, "The greatest cast of characters since "Taxi!" and even "Lucy Alviz Pepper is a creative genius!".

E. Camacho adds, “This book is unique! Like it says, there is never a dull moment from dawn to dusk. I laughed from the start 'til the end. The characters are awesome! Maria Henson covered not only the whole Asia but also the Western country. It will leave you clutching your side! Awesome book!”

‘Can I Borrow Soy Sauce?: The Hilarious Adventures Of An Asian Family In America’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1rmEKBY.

About Lucy Alviz Pepper
Lucy Alviz Pepper immigrated to America from the Philippines in 1989. She has a 21 year-old son, Erick and she brought her mother here as an immigrant in 2004. She owns an Assisted Living Facility for elderly. This is her book.