Can S&P 500 Reach 2014 in 2014?

Can This Crazy Bull Market Continue.


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- Chip Smith, A Leading financial Market Analyst from says the bears who had planned on a massive crash in 2014, have not only been bitterly disapointed so far, but there looks to be alot more bad news coming their way, as this bull market has no signs of dying at all here early in 2014.

The question everyone is asking is if this is evident of sector rotation or distribution. Ultimately, a lot depends on what levels of support we are able to maintain over the next few weeks.

Last week’s Fed announcement and press conference has played havoc with the markets, and novice traders were claiming that the "market got it wrong" when it dropped after the Fed announcement, it did so in only three waves down, which is why chip cautioned everyone that evening that the market could very well be set up to head lower in the short term, but not to panic.

For those who are exceptionally bullish on this market, the upside potential seems to be somewhat limited for now, but it seems the last 9 months for the market the drops are only a few and far between, before the next run higher. Mathematically speaking if the higher lows, and higher highs continue, we could be looking at the level 2014 coming for the S&P 500 this year, which is itself the year 2014.

The 1900 level on the S&P is a solid psychological barrier for the market right now. News out of china, military conflict in Russia and the fed’s news last week about possible rising interest rates in 2015 has topped the market out for now, however it seems the hint of good news, or positive momentum ties can really skyrocket the market these days. The market is driven by lots of news events lately, and right now there does not seem to be much good news.

Any positive catalysts seem to bottom out the market and soon after we experience a short sharp rally to new highs. Chip’s rendition about this, is that another quick burst of energy and buying is only a matter of weeks away. If the S&P bottoms out at current levels, or just below, it would set up a rally to the 1950 level or even higher. So he is warning traders to stay on their toes so as not to miss this fast explosive move.

Those who listened to Chip’s advice over the last few years have reaped huge rewards. But chip shies away from the spotlight because he claims to have a deep love and respect for the market, and tells his clients he has a passion to train, and teach others. The tools and analysis he uses are second to none, and that has given him an added advantage to putting a pulse on the market.

Chip predicted the 2008 crisis and stock market crash. But his studies and recommendations are said to be the best around, as he has a select criteria and a secret strategy. This gives him the a leading edge and ability to predict market movements before they happen, and his track record he seems to be a man who knows what he is talking about, as he has gained much media attention and also been sort after by many highly elite investors and fortune 500 companies for his services in the last several years. Amazingly Chip is the first to play down his calls telling people that the market is a sleeping, eating, firebreathing dragon, and you do not want to step on his tail. What you have to do is, respect him and learn what moves he could make in the future by studying what he has done in the past.

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