Can You Really Whiten Your Teeth at Home Fast with Teeth Whitening Products? - Teeth Whitening Kits in-Depth Review


Stirlingshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2014 -- Teeth whitening at home and the easy availability of carbomide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide kits are the hot topic on the internet right now. The draw is obvious; the ability for people with stained, yellow teeth to get the celebrity smile of their dreams without leaving the home and having to pay through the nose for expensive cosmetic dentistry. Also, the claims from manufacturers that it takes just a few, hassle-free minutes and not hours to get sparkling white teeth is something that everybody wants to believe, but what's the truth?, having the reputation of being entirely impartial and thorough when reviewing such claims has decided to have a close look at the best selling teeth whitening kits to see if there is any truth to all this or if it's just another internet scam. And if it is, then what IS the best way to whiten teeth at home?

What they found was pretty startling...

Out are the old-fashioned and often ill-fitting trays and in are simple, easy to use teeth whitening swabs. One simply takes a swab, dip it in the supplied powder and gently dab it onto the teeth. It's fast and simple to use but does it work?

It most certainly DOES work and all of the products did well in their tests. It has to be said that all of the subjects had pretty white teeth to begin with but even with them the results were pretty shocking. The initial plan was to test for 2 weeks but they had to stop the process after 7 days as, if the test subjects' teeth had gotten any whiter they would have looked a bit ridiculous. Their teeth had a wonderful opalescence that everybody in the Wishala office was jealous of. observed that it would even a great idea to carry these teeth whitening pads in the handbag on a night out as they are very discrete and produce near instant results. They are even easy and gentle to use on sensitive teeth so should be suitable for just about anyone.

They tested 3 teeth whiteners and, although all of them did well there was a clear winner. The Alta White Teeth Whitening kit came out head and shoulders above all the others both in quality and effectiveness. The order came promptly and was well packaged. The product worked beyond testers' expectations and was gentle on the teeth. The instructions were easy to follow and support from the company was excellent.

If anybody would like to try the Alta White Teeth Whitening Kit, have organised a totally free, 2 week trial supply. The only payment required is a couple of dollars for shipping while stocks last.

Read the full review here on the official website and if anyone wants white teeth then they can go and grab this free offer right now before the free trial ends.

What has anybody got to lose?

In fact, the only problem they'll have is that they didn't have Wishala to advise them about Alta White 6 months ago...

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