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Workplace Violence Expert Teaches East Texans How To Survive Violence at Work


Sunbury, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- In the wake of yet another series of horrific workplace shootings and other attacks in companies all across the country, author, trainer, and internationally recognized self-defense and workplace violence expert, Jeffrey M. Miller will be in Nacogdoches, TX and surrounding areas from October 10th through the 17th. What will he be doing? Good question. And the answer is: He will be helping concerned groups, including nurses and others, fill in the missing link in most corporate and business workplace violence training programs.

Miller is author of over 500 articles on the subjects of personal safety, self-defense and surviving workplace violence, including “Attack-Proof Your Facility,” and “The Karate-Myth.” Jeff also contributed chapters to two edited books for the medical industry: “Workplace Violence In Mental And General Healthcare Settings” (w/Dr. Michael Privitera, 2010, James & Bartlett pub), and “GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management” (w/ Ric Skinner GISP, 2010, CRC Press pub). His most recent book, “Advanced Self-Defense Combat Tactics,” which teaches anyone how to navigate the phases which make up a violent attack and survive, was released on September 1st and quickly became a best-seller on Amazon.

“Sadly,” says Miller, a former federal police officer, bodyguard, and undercover investigator, “most companies still do not have the critical training necessary to help their employees survive a serious act of violence in the workplace.” And those who do, he says, are missing a critical, life-saving element – training which allows you to survive an actual attack while it's happening. “The majority of policies and training procedures, from hospitals to factories and everything in-between,” says Miller, who once had a 45 caliber bullet miss his head by less than an inch when a suspect tried to wrestle his weapon from him during an arrest, “are loaded with things like 'zero-tolerance' statements, and 'banned weapons' lists.” “But,” says Miller, someone who has real-world experience dealing with everything from grabs and shoving attacks to protecting himself against attackers armed with guns, knives, clubs, and even chairs, “virtually none of these plans contain any real training to help employees make it out of there in one piece.”

To counter the belief that, “It will never happen in our business,” Miller points out the understanding that violence is random by nature. That means that you never know when it will happen, how bad it will be, or the shape it will take. And, with all that we've seen in the news for quite some time, workplace violence is definitely on the rise and is something that should be a very real concern for every manager, executive, and business owner. According to Miller, you're more likely to be attacked than to deal with a fire on the job. And yet, he adds, everyone has a fire escape plan but no plan to deal with actual violence should it errupt. In fact, studies like the one conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center, show that nurses are actually 12.5 times more likely to be attacked on the job than a police officer! Jeff says, “in today's world, making self-defense training a part of a company's workplace violence policy is not a choice, it's a responsibility.”

Companies, groups and organizations in the Dallas, Ft. Worth or Houston areas interested in scheduling a workplace violence presentation or training workshop, or those wanting more information about making their workplace more safe from the effects of violence in the workplace, may contact Miller through his company, WCI Consulting, at 570-988-2228 or by email at: You can also get additional information at

Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI, is owner and CEO of Warrior Concepts Int'l, Inc. in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. He is a former private detective, undercover black market and drug enforcement investigator, and federal law enforcement officer. Jeff's real-world experience dealing with violent criminals and aggressive individuals, both as a law enforcement and security professional and private citizen, has taught him more about what's really needed to survive a violent assault than most students and teachers of conventional martial arts classes learn even after decades of training. Jeff regularly conducts training courses for, and serves as a speaker and presenter to schools, hospitals, and other organizations looking to keep their people safe when the unthinkable happens. He is also an expert witness and case consultant in the areas of self-defense, security and workplace violence, and assists legal professionals in evaluating cases involving physical violence and/or self-defense action.

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