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Canada DUI Entry Law Offers Free Consultation to People Seeking Canadian Entry with a DUI

Canada DUI Entry Law is now offering free consultations to create a tailored solution for people seeking to gain entry into Canada for personal or business reasons while having a DUI against them.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- On Sept 26th 2014, the Canadian dollar fell below $0.90USD after several years of the two currencies being close to par. Combined with low gas prices and an improving US economy, many experts believe the falling Canadian dollar will spur a growth in US tourism to Canada as more Americans head north lured by the new exchange rate. Many of these Americans will be denied entry to Canada, however, as anyone convicted of a DUI in the last 10 years is considered inadmissible to Canada and may be refused at the border. Canada DUI Entry Law is a website that offers legal support to those people to help them gain admission to the country to enjoy its breathtaking beauty, fascinating culture and great deals.

Fortunately there are alternatives to refusal. Through Canada DUI Entry Law individuals can apply for a Temporary Residential Permit or Criminal Rehabilitation Certificate, or simply apply to receive special permission from the Canadian Government, which will enable people to once again gain DUI entry into Canada.

Interested parties can call the company’s free phone number or fill out a short form in order to be contacted by the company, which offers free and comprehensive consultations on the situation and will recommend the best approach for each individual case.

Canadian immigration lawyer Gordon Vuong explained, "Millions of Americans have a recent DUI or DWI, and a large number of them have no idea they can't cross the border into Canada. Thousands of people are denied entry at the Canadian border each year and the consequences can be severe. There are people who miss important business meetings because they are refused entry into Canada due to criminal inadmissibility, it can damage people's careers. It's unfortunate that more people don't research the laws well before traveling to Canada. I frequently receive panicked phone calls from people. If you plan ahead, Canada DUI entry can be much less stressful. Visit our website now to find out how."

About Canada DUI Entry Law
The Canada DUI Entry Law team is focused on helping Americans enter Canada with a DUI and offers free comprehensive consultations. Their Canada immigration lawyer has a Canadian law degree as well as an American law degree, and believes in customer service so much that he makes himself available for phone calls during evenings and weekends so people needn’t discuss their criminal history while at work.

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