Canadian Alt/Pop Trio Struggles with Their Progressive Christian Faith in a World Seemingly Dominated by the Christian Right


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- After the success of 2011’s Award winning album The Breakdown, scooping up a GMA for Best New Pop Song, Wakeup Starlight pushes forward with a brave new album called The White Flags of Alderaan. With just 5 songs, the band hopes to make waves in the Indie, Grassroots arena, up against the likes of Mumford & Sons, John Mayer, and The Lumineers. Setting themselves apart from others in the scene is a staunch admission of not only their Christian Faith, but an equally staunch, and even defiant admission of their progressive politics. Making no apologies for their support of same-sex marriage, economic equality, and open dialogue with other faiths, lead singer Caleb Cummings rants. “The media has been hijacked by loud Christians preaching so-called Christian doctrine that amounts to nothing but hatred, bigotry, and intolerance. But they are, by no means, the moral majority. The church is vastly more populated by Christ followers who are reasonable and recognize love as the central and overarching theme of the Christian life. If only they were as loud or louder.” A sad realization of a culture, stubbornly being dragged into the new century.

The White Flags of Alderaan opens with a cute, folky, pop jangle titled Loco Train (A Canadian Tragedy). As sad as it is cute, the song conveys the heartbreak and tragedy that, Canadian or otherwise, we all go through when we are so rudely, and callously dumped by our significant others. The album wades through imaginative metaphor and poetry, from the apparent cold distance of a Judaic God, to Cummings' diatribe to his ex in The Ghost of Myself Facing You.

Being so bold in their approach, Wakeup Starlight may have to fight twice as hard as their peers to get their voices and music heard. It will be interesting to find out if this little Trio from Calgary will see allies in their Church, or find support in a small, hard headed Indie music scene that disdains artists who dabble in religious themes. Perhaps neither. The world is, far too often, unfair.

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