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Canadian Author Leaves Women & Children Chortling, Pondering & Naughtily Smirking with Diverse Yet Uplifting Novels

‘The Mystic pleasure of the Salem Slut’ and ‘The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance’ may be drastically different in narrative; but they’re frightfully similar in their ability to make readers sit up and question their own lives. Offering parents a chance to squirm and snigger at the oh-so-embarrassing questions kids ask, and women an opportunity to rekindle the excitement often lost to that post-baby body, author Sheron Archibald has hit onto a literary winner.


Brampton, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- While many authors opt to stick to convention, Sheron Archibald is not afraid to rock the boat and buck the trend with her edgy narratives. With two diverse and very different books currently on the market, Archibald offers readers young and old an abundance of literary therapy to soothe the soul and get sides splitting.

‘The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance’ dives into the life of young twins, as they engage in mature conversation through the form of incredibly inquisitive and quirky – often embarrassing - questions. ‘The Mystic pleasure of the Salem Slut’ is vastly different yet equally as thought-provoking; calling all women to question how much passion they really have under sheets through the story of a woman who transitions from a Stepford wife to a true nymphomaniac.


‘The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance’ - Chase and Chance are from Brampton, Ontario Canada. They were born almost 3 months prematurely and are absolute genius. They are very intelligent, engage in the most mature conversation and asks questions that no parents want to answer. Recently, they were joined by a baby sister Chloe. Taken together, their escapades, quirkiness and ability to ask spot on questions would leave a reader blushing and roaring with laughter.

‘The Mystic pleasure of the Salem Slut’ - The mystic pleasures of the Salem slut, tell a story of an incredible beautiful woman who went from being a typical Stepford wife , into a raving nymphomaniac .Born and raised in the Audra's story takes the reader on a journey of erotic sexual escapades. The storyline is juicy, the temperature gage is hot!!! and is guaranteed to arouse you--caution: please do not read if you do not have a sexual partner.

This is the first in the series of the drama surrounding Audra's sexual changes, follow the series to add to your own repertoire of sexual additives (ointment, Ben-Wa beads, lotions, potions) anywhere sex, different location sex , different style of sex and many more. Make sure to come along on this journey, you will not be disappointed.

“Both books are very important in their own unique ways,” admits Archibald. “Many parents with children often find themselves at a loss on how to answer their constant flow of questions. The story of Chase and Chance embraces children’s quirkiness and, believe it or not, most of the conversations are true! When it comes to ‘The Mystic pleasure of the Salem Slut’, I wanted to move away from the typical erotic novel to thrill women who have lost inspiration in the bedroom. I hope the story compels women to discover their hidden passions.”

Archibald’s work has garnered extremely positive reviews. For example, with reference to ‘The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance’, Rebja comments, “Brilliant book, my daughter loves it, we've read it about 50 times now as she insists on this one at bedtime, she really loves the smart alec attitude of the quirky twins and for me, their unique selling point is making us parents cringe from answering the difficult questions that they ask, (this inevitably leads to a load of questions from my daughter!).”

Both books are available now:-

‘The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance’: http://amzn.to/1v5FQTG.
‘The Mystic pleasure of the Salem Slut’: http://amzn.to/1le5s9o.

About the author, in her own words:
I consider myself as a bit of a philosopher, and look at life from that view point. I am an avid reader- westerns are my favourite books of choice, although the very first non- fiction book I read at the age of eight, was Mario Puzo's "the godfather'.

I was born and raised on the island of Grenada, in the British West Indies and because my formative years there were very enjoyable ones, I tend to look at life from "rose tinted" lens. A lot of people see me as a dreamer, but in my humble opinion you have to dream before you can achieve anything. Presently I live in Canada, a country that is close to my heart and one that I have adopted for twenty four years now, even though I remain an island girl to the "bone"

My life occupations have included the assembly line, my own cleaning business, flea market business, school teacher and unpaid social worker-I graduated with Honors in Community Service work, and tend to want to get involved with and try to fix everyone's problems. I honestly think that there are many people who are very annoyed with me. Did I also mention that I have a sense of humor?