Canadian Companies Activate Successful Media Buying Campaigns with Kingstar TV

A well-planned strategy for buying media time to lead to profitable end says Kingstar


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- Writing for the marketing advice website ClickZ, writer Hollis Thomases reports on the importance of strong media buying. “If your media buying does not play a strategic role in your marketing plan, even your most current plans are extremely short-sighted. There are a myriad of new advertising opportunities that present themselves everyday. Many of these are so innovative that you would be a fool not to employ an experienced media buying team on your side.”

Thomases adds, “The role of a good media buyer is to be informed about the latest offerings available on everything from traditional ad networks to internet portals. Working with a company experienced in media buying means that they already have strong relationships with the media. Whether you advertise with traditional commercials or innovative infomercials, they will have a steady pulse on what is happening and what is about to happen in the media.”

Meeting the demand of companies that need help with their media buying and television advertising campaigns is the goal of Kingstar TV. Ed Crain, Spokesperson for Kingstar describes their mission this way, “We create commercial and infomercial productions that utilize the latest of innovative creative marketing techniques. Our team functions as a direct response television media agency that acts as consultants for media buying and corporate branding.”

Crain elaborates on what makes them so sought after in Toronto and all of Canada. “Our past projects have been so successful that we are known as the premier media agency of Canada. When we connect products and brands to the right form of media messaging, companies are able to build a strong consumer following. We do this through the use of informative product infomercials, well crafted commercials and direct marketing strategies. ”

Explaining how they accomplish all this, Ed Crain states “We offer great value and flexibility because we are adept at volume media buying and making long term commitments with over one hundred broadcast outlets. Our dedication can be seen on our website at” Crain adds “Our company has maximized profits for our clients with over $200 million worth of direct response television media buying in Canada. We are proud to do this through research and our unique experience in the field of direct response media buying. Campaigns we design for our Canadian clients not only build corporate brands and further retail sales, but create loyal consumer awareness.”

About Kingstar:
Kingstar has established themselves with a proven track record in media buying for the Canadian market. They work with their clients to maximize their media experience with creative innovation in the field of direct response marketing. Their team is also widely known for their expertise in the production of television commercials and infomercials for a diverse group of industries, goods and services.