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Canadian Electronic Cigarettes Company Launches New Website, CanCigs.ca


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- CanCigs.ca, a new Canadian electronic cigarettes company that offers only the most technologically advanced and expertly made electronic cigarettes in Canada, has just announced the launch of its website.

With the recent boom in sales of electronic cigarettes across Canada, Health Canada continues to issue cease and desist orders on companies selling electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, stating that they are regulated as as a new drug and may not be sold without market authorization.

CanCigs.ca prides themselves on providing electronic cigarettes that comply with current Health Canada rulings in that they do not contain any tobacco, tar, or nicotine. In fact, company spokesperson Pat Johnson said the e-cigs don't contain any of the 4,700 chemical and 70 different carcinogens that are known to be found in traditional cigarettes.

Johnson also made it clear that in further keeping with Health Canada rulings, they do not sell e-cigarettes to minors, nor do they make outlandish health claims or market their products as smoking cessation devices. Their primary mission is to offer consumers a safer smoking alternative.

“Unlike most brands of electronic cigarettes in Canada, our products have been designed and manufactured under the most stringent quality control conditions and are fully compliant with current Health Canada guidelines,” Johnson said.

From electronic cigarette starter kits to disposable electronic cigarettes and more, customers can rest assured that everything they purchase from CanCigs.ca is top quality. For example, Johnson said research shows that most people who use e-cigs want to have pre-filled, fully charged electronic cigarettes that are ready to be enjoyed at any time. Instead of frequently filling up their cartridges and cleaning out their atomizers regularly, they are looking for e-cigarettes that are not so messy and time-consuming.

“Proprietary and patented electronic cigarette technology sets the standard in the industry and quite simply can't be compared,” Johnson noted, adding that the company’s long-lasting Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers come pre-filled with flavour liquids that have been carefully hand crafted by specialized “Flavour Chemists” and have become the envy amongst their competitors.

“Each cartomizer provides unparalleled plumes of vapour and is equal to 1 full pack of traditional cigarettes, realizing you a savings of up to 80 percent by comparison.”

Anybody who would like to learn more about CanCigs.ca is welcome to visit the user-friendly website; there, they can browse through their selection of top-quality e-cig starter kits, disposables, cartomizers, and more.

About CanCigs.ca
CanCigs is a proudly Canadian owned and operated electronic cigarette online retailer located in the heart of the nation’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario. Their products have been designed and manufactured under the most stringent quality control conditions and are fully compliant with current Health Canada guidelines. For more information, please visit http://www.cancigs.ca/