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Canadian Immigration Tighten Spousal Sponsorship Rules - Aspire Global Visa Services

Marrying to obtain a permanent visa can well be the thing of the past in Canada, according to today’s Aspire Global Visa Services Report


Mabolo, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2012 -- Canadian immigration minister, Jason Kenney announced last week that the spousal sponsorship rules are being tightened by their department.

The changes are intended to stop people from going ahead with marriages of convenience to allow them to gain Canadian visas. Alex, a consultant at Global Visas clarifies what these changes signify, explaining, “From now, any spouse or partner that is sponsored under the scheme, after marrying a Canadian, has to wait a full five years before they themselves can become sponsors of a non-Canadian spouse.”

Mr Kenney, in his announcement voiced his hope that the new rule would stop people marrying Canadians for the sponsorships, before divorcing and marrying another non-Canadian.”

Mr Kenney, however, is certain that the new rules will also go some way to end the cruel practice. He envisaged that "In addition to the heartbreak and pain that came from being lied to and deceived, these people were angry. They felt they had been used as a way to get to Canada. We're taking action because Canada immigration visa consultancy firm" href="">Canada immigration visa consultancy firmCanada immigration visa consultancy firm should not be built upon deceit."

Sam Benet, President of Canadians Against Immigration Fraud, supported the move, stating, "We welcome the steps taken by the Honourable Jason Kenney to stop marriage fraud. These measures will definitely protect the integrity of our Canada immigration visa consultancy system."

Aidan, a Canadian citizen offers his take on the rule saying, “I am happy about the move. Marriages should ensue for the right reasons, after all. It is only a matter of time before other countries follow suit in this new development.”

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