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Canadian IT Outsourcing Companies Well-regarded Globally

Canada continues to establish itself as a leader in IT outsourcing companies, offering a range of services to clients abroad.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- Canada continues to establish itself as a leader in IT outsourcing companies , offering a range of services to clients abroad.

Canada provides information technology resources to many countries, but especially to the United States.

An estimated 150,000 Canadian workers are employed in roles that offer IT support to American companies.

Reports suggest that the outsourcing sector in Canada produces about $14 billion in annual revenue.

Research shows that Canada is among the top exporters of computer and information services, a resource with an estimated value of about $4 billion.

Canada’s miscellaneous services exports are valued at about $15 billion.

American companies are thought to favour IT outsourcing companies in Canada because of similarities between cultures, a shared first language and because Canada has a highly educated workforce.

The variety of skills and products that fall under the information technology sector has meant that Canada has had no trouble establishing itself as a global leader.

To begin, Canada is home to many strong telecommunications companies. It has in place a sound business infrastructure with solid regulatory policies to help maintain the integrity of an information technology-based economy.

While high labour costs and a dollar whose value is pitted against that of the United States are disadvantages associated with Canada’s economy, such challenges have forced Canadian companies to restructure in order to remain competitive with those in emerging markets such as India.

Canada is an affluent country, with an estimated DP of about USD $1.6 trillion. It had stable economic growth from 1993 to 2007.

Canada remained largely insulated from the global economic recession of 2008 because of the conservative lending practices of its banks.

Part of what has helped make Canada’s information technology sector so strong is the fact that Canada is a global leader for internet access. Reports suggest that in Canada about 75 of every 100 inhabitants has access to the internet.

Canada also dominates the rest of the world in broadband internet access, with 29 subscribers for every 100 inhabitants.

Countries around the world look to Canada as an example of how to leverage their own resources to become leaders in IT outsourcing.

Canadians can expect that Canada will continue as a leader in the IT sector as businesses work consistently to maintain its dominant position.

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