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Canadian Marketing Consultant Accuses Advertising Agencies of Stealing Money from Their Clients


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- Mitchell Miller, president of Opposed Media; a consulting and training firm who officially opened its doors today, claim they are the answer to the growing practice of wasting budgets and company cash reserves.

"I work outside the conventional world of marketing and advertising, with entrepreneurs who cant spend 40 million dollars just to remember the name Pepsi. Most businesses need marketing that will bring home money they can take to the bank tomorrow. I only stick to classic, proven, measurable marketing systems that bring in results immediately. That's important, and seems to have been lost lately".

Mitchell claims that because most new age advertising and marketing do not have measurable calls to action, multi step campaigns, or effective follow up systems you are basically gambling with your money, and at least 15 to 30 times less effective than you could be.

"That is a ton of money. What would it mean to your business if you increased revenue by 30 times what it is now? It's mind-blowing, but also very common in our clients and those of the firms who understand direct response. And when your agency has you convinced their ads will work, and you throw away money on massive production budgets, it is like they are stealing from you. And since the entire campaign can't be properly measured, you don't know what you don't know. And so you lose"

Mitchell warns small and mid size owners and executives to be careful of emulating the marketing they see larger companies do. "You do not have the capital to be experimenting with vague, esoteric marketing, or brand building. You may need to re evaluate everything you are doing, your business may depend on it. And for god sakes, break a few industry rules. Your continued success will be in direct proportion to how willing you are to defying industry norms and stand out in your market. "

About Opposed Media Co.
Opposed Media Co. is a strategic marketing & consulting firm that teaches business owners and executives how to devastate the competition by dissecting your current marketing plan, and implementing a fresh, measurable, proven marketing system that will bring in cold hard cash almost overnight. In addition to marketing services, Mitchell Miller is sometimes available for one on one consulting at a day rate of $7850, which includes accommodation and airfare.

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