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Canadian Therapists Long for Acceptance As Healthcare Professionals, Reports Massage Therapy Marketplace

Ways to locate massage therapists in provinces where they lack professional status


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- A Massage Therapy Association in Canada reiterated its request for the provincial health minister to recognize them as medical professionals on par with physicians and registered nurses. This association currently represents around 900 therapists who trained for at least two years and hold Entry-of-Practice diplomas. Following the lead of a Paramedics Association in the same city or province, massage therapists are lobbying for inclusion in the province’s list of regulated professions within the medical field.

“Regulation is not a case of ego-posturing on the massage therapists’ part. The public has a very real stake in regulation; without it, anyone could just show up to a home and introduce themselves as therapists. Regulating massage therapy as a profession could therefore safeguard the public. However, the case considering massage professionals on par with doctors and so on is another matter open for debate,” said K. Chatman, founder of Massage Therapy Marketplace.

Massage therapists already enjoy “professional status” in three other provinces of Canada. For places where therapists are yet to be regulated, it is important to find reputable and professional licensed massage therapists who can maximize the benefits of massage including sports massage.

“Our intuition tells us to get referrals from relatives and friends. But doctors and other healthcare providers can also recommend a good, seasoned therapist,” Mr. Chatman said.

Then there are professional associations such as the ones in Canada or the American Massage Therapy Association. It is important to hire massage therapists who are registered with such organizations, which expects members to meet certain standards. Other places for finding credible therapists include accredited massage schools, fitness clubs, gyms, spas, and wellness centers.

“Beware of therapists who peddle their services online and on magazines, newspapers, and yellow pages. Be sure to thoroughly research the short-listed candidates identified from these marketing activities before making a decision. You could never be too safe when it comes to poorly trained therapists or worse, sex workers or criminals,” K.A. Chatman warned.

Select a therapist according to taste, comfort, and preferences. Ensure techniques (including specialty ones) and healing philosophy are compatible and ideal. Inquire about the credentials, licenses, and experience of the therapist.

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