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'Canadians Shop "Smarter" and Sexier Than Americans', Says ShopBot

Following a staggering 1.5 million visits to its acclaimed online bargain shopping engine, ShopBot.ca has collated its data and drawn a compelling conclusion – that Canadians shop “smarter” and sexier than their friends south of the border. From sky-high smartphone shopping statistics to raunchy under-the-cover revelations, Canucks everywhere can hold their heads high as champions of the shopping battle.


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- When it comes to cross-border competitiveness, Canadians and Americans will attempt to outsmart and outwit each other on just about anything. However, if new statistics from ShopBot.ca are anything to go by, Canadians are winning the shopping battle hands (and hockey sticks) down.

The popular online bargain shopping engine has spent the past six months collecting and collating a myriad of data from their users and, when comparing it to similar statistics from the United States, can conclude that Canadians shop both “smarter” and sexier than their international friends.

For example, data shows that Canada ranks second in the world when it comes to the adoption of mobile payments ahead of third place United States. Apple devices are clearly dominating mobile traffic. And considering Apple products account for 83% of all internet traffic in Canada coming from non-computer devices, compared to just 57% in the United States (* comscore), the smartphone and technology war is certainly being won on home soil.

“Our mobile traffic has increased by over 60% in the past six months, with 80% of all users now browsing our website on an Apple device such an iPhone or iPad. When you consider mobile payment adoption levels in Canada, compared with figures from the United States, it is clear proof that Canadians know how to shop “smarter”,” says Monika Hajzokova, ShopBot’s Sales Director.

It would appear that Canadians’ globally-perceived quiet character is no bar to fun under the covers. In fact, the same data collected by ShopBot exposes Canada as a country full of active and healthy sex lives.

“This year, our mobile traffic in the Adult category has risen by over 120%. Overall, this is 55% more than last year,” Hajzokova adds.

Canadians’ adult purchase numbers also raise far and above those being reported from the United States. For example, 40% of Canadian women classed themselves as adult toy users in 2011 (* the report, Global Sex Toy Index). With just 35% in the United States admitting the same2011 (* the report, Global Sex Toy Index), could we also be reveling in the battle of the raunch?

“While these statistics come from a number of different sources, putting it all together and adding out own data makes a number of patterns clear. Canadians are buying more online, adopting smartphone and iPad payments at a faster rate and becoming more diverse in their purchases,” explains Hajzokova.

So, with a nation of smart and sexy Canadian shoppers leading the way into 2013, the battle continues…

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