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Canberra Boxing at Gym Victus Invigorated in 2014


Queanbeyan, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Boxing at Gym Victus is an intergraded focus of the group training programs training in holistic western boxing. Canberra boxing at Gym Victus is invigorated in 2014 with training in Boxing Boot Camp, Boxing Circuit and boxing focused Kickboxing and MMA programs. Boxing training (view video ) is under the control of qualified head boxing coach. Training focuses towards traditional style boxing, however not limited to as participants may utilise to develop boxing within other styles of combat. Open to those living inside or surrounding regions on Canberra.

Boxing training sessions at Gym Victus focus on:

Boxing Technique- stance, punch technique, defence, footwork
Conditioning- heavy bag, partner drills, boxing conditioning drills
Main purpose of training is fitness and athletic development with Boxing Boot Camp being a feature: a non-contact outdoor based boxing fitness program. Likewise the Boxing Circuit is a gym based energetic session involving a combination of boxing and conditioning training. Training ranges from boxing fitness, boxing technique and combinations to agility, power and fitness conditioning. Programs work over a 6 week outline, with increasing levels of intensity over the period for results based outcomes. Fitness training programs one will not beat in the Canberra region.

Boxing focused kickboxing and MMA training does involve levels of contact (mouthguards mandatory) however is under the strict supervision of a qualified boxing coach. This practical boxing maintains a genuine boxing focus for fitness benefits, and a pathway for future development.

The boxing programs form a platform for members and participants to gain a new level of fitness and athletic ability.

Boxing for fitness is a great way to take ones fitness to the next level. Using both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems will punch the way to a lean and chiselled body. Boxing greats in Muhammad Ali, Roy Jones Jr. and Floyd Mayweather have all sculpted their physiques purely from boxing training, not just pad work but also with bag work and speed ball training. This is what one will find at Gym Victus.

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Contact Information-

Gavin Stone owner/Manager Gym Victus
Ph - +61 406 687 893
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About Gym Victus
Gym Victus is a Canberra (Australia) based fitness training and sports performance facility. Gym Victus is an ‘Old School’ gymnasium with a focus on strength training, boxing/kickboxing and body sculpting.