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Canberra House Cleaners Announces New Trial of All-Natural Cleaning Products

Careful study in the field will determine whether these natural cleaning agents live up to the company's stringent requirements, Canberra House Cleaners reports


Rivett, Canberra -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Canberra House Cleaners, one of the country's best-rated and most relied-upon cleaning services, announced that the company will begin trialing a new line of natural, extra-gentle, environmentally safe cleaners. Responding to an often-expressed desire among customers for the option of specifying all-natural cleaning products, Canberra House Cleaning began investigating the available products at the beginning of September. That research caused the company to conclude that the cleaning solutions produced by the Natural Cleaning Company of Australia would be likely to meet customers' requirements and led directly to the present, ongoing trial.

"We're happy to announce that, starting today, we will be using all-natural, pet- and people-safe cleaning products as we clean customers' homes," Canberra House Cleaners representative Greg Dunsmore said, "and, should the trial go as well as we expect it to, this new development will likely become a part of our standard service." Although all cleaning products designated for residential use in Australia must pass tests proving that they are harmless when used as directed, many people have concerns about the safety of the residues and buildup that certain of them can leave behind. The cleaning products now being trialed by Canberra House Cleaners, on the other hand, are inherently gentler and less toxic than most on the market, while purportedly remaining just as effective.

Since the company's founding, Canberra House Cleaners has established and cultivated a reputation for being among the most responsive, reliable, and effective operations of its kind in the Canberra region. All of the cleaners employed by the canberra house cleaning service undergo extensive background checks and training before being allowed on the job, ensuring that their quality of work and trustworthiness will be unquestionable. Canberra House Cleaners is also fully insured and compliant with all of the relevant regulations laid down by the Australian Occupational Health and Safety agency, in fact exceeding the majority of these requirements as part of the company's commitment to offering the best service in the region.

Canberra House Cleaners also works closely with customers to ensure that services are provided in whatever form and frequency best suits their needs, whether that might entail regular cleaning of an actively inhabited residence or the kind of canberra end of lease cleaning that landlords sometimes have trouble finding capable providers of. The company is among the most flexible and responsive in the area when it comes to scheduling, allowing even those clients with especially demanding schedules to obtain the cleaning services they need. In addition, in the rare event of problems with its services, Canberra House Cleaning commits to fixing any issues within 24 hours of being notified, a guarantee that is unmatched by any competitor.

The new trial of all-natural, especially safe cleaning products will continue until the company has gathered enough data about the results, a process that is expected to last at least several weeks. Those interested in reading more about Canberra House Cleaning's services or arranging for free consultations may do so at the company's website.

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