Cancer Accounting for Almost 50% of All the miRNA Based Research

According to RNCOS, “The potential for using miRNAs in cancer is being explored taking note of the theoretical rationale that miRNAs are natural antisense interactors that regulate many genes involved in eukaryotic survival and proliferation.”


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- The potential for using miRNAs in cancer is now being explored. The theoretical rationale is based on the fact that miRNAs are natural antisense interactors that regulate many genes involved in eukaryotic survival and proliferation. Initially identified in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia, changes in the expression level of miRNAs have been subsequently detected by different groups in many types of human tumors.

Breast cancer with a share of 20% seems to have caught the attention of majority of researchers, followed by Leukemia, and Colorectal. Most of these trials are diagnostic in nature and are making use of miRNA as either biomarkers or for profiling purposes. The development of modified miRNA molecules with longer in-vivo half lives and efficiency, such as the locked nucleic acid (LNA)-modified oligonucleotides, the anti-miRNA oligo-nucleotides, and the antagomirs is the first step towards bringing these fundamental research advances into medical practice. Apart from Cancer, other areas of interest include Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Hepatitis, Multiple Sclerosis and Sepsis.

The report, “Global miRNA Market Outlook to 2018”, thoroughly studies the industry dynamics prevalent all over the world. The report highlights the product portfolio of the leading industry players in terms of tools, kits, reagents, services, research activities which shroud the global miRNA industry. The consolidated sales generated by the associated products, services and research during 2012-2018, across major geographies are also described in the report. Research statistics and revenues generated by various countries depict and elicit the future prospects of miRNA market of different geographies. Importantly, the descriptive profiling of major international players gives an understanding of contention scenario prevailing in the global miRNA industry.

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