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Diet Doc Announces Their Commitment to Tackle America's Obesity Epidemic and Now Includes Education on the Importance of Weight Loss, Especially During Cancer Awareness Month

Diet Doc understands that losing excess fat and maintaining a healthy weight involves more than diet alone. For this reason, they educate their patients on healthy eating and proper nutrition, as well as providing unlimited support, especially during Cancer Awareness Month


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- When Diet Doc developed their weight loss programs, they realized that the key to lasting weight loss included intense and thorough education on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Especially during Cancer Awareness Month, when people are hearing more and more about various causes of cancer, it is imperative to highlight the link between obesity, weight loss and how to reduce the risk of cancer.

Diet Doc's medical weight loss programs have enabled clients throughout the country to shed excess fat through a combination of healthy meal planning and prescription hormone diet treatments that target fat in the hard to reach and difficult to lose areas of the body. Their weight loss programs have been influential in helping people throughout the country restore their health and reduce their risk of cancer. The company feels strongly that focusing on losing excess fat during Cancer Awareness Month will motivate even more people to reach their weight loss goals and avoid the risks of this devastating disease.

Diet Doc developed their own algorithm to make certain that patients are guided in the most positive direction when beginning their weight loss journey. Meal and snack plans and prescription diet treatments are designed around each patients' personal age, gender, nutritional needs, lifestyle, medical conditions and food preferences. The staff of specially trained weight loss doctors focus on any underlying medical conditions that may be causing weight gain or preventing weight loss. Particularly during Cancer Awareness Month, the Diet Doc team considers cancer-fighting foods with antioxidants that fight weight gain leading to a reduced risk of cancer. And, because the company understands that many of their clients do not have a health or medical background, the nutritionists offer their services on an unlimited basis, six days per week, to answer questions about healthy, low calorie foods and provide guidance on choosing nutrient dense foods as part of the patient's daily meals.

Patients are also given unlimited access to the company's staff of physicians who spend time educating clients on the importance of a healthy diet, especially during Cancer Awareness Month. Clients are counseled on the negative effects of unhealthy, high calorie, processed foods. By including education and counseling on nutritious foods, especially during Cancer Awareness Month, the Diet Doc team hopes to provide their clients with the skills and understanding necessary to lose weight fast and sustain a healthy weight for the future, while reducing their risk of cancer.

Because the experts at Diet Doc understand that reducing caloric intake and eliminating carbohydrates can be challenging, they include natural supplements and prescription hormone diet treatments that target stored fat, control the appetite and pave the way for a comfortable transition to a trimmer and healthier figure. Qualified patients will receive a prescription for these supplements that can be conveniently ordered over the phone or internet from the privacy of their own home. And, for added convenience, all diet product orders will be shipped directly to each patient's home or office and will include a third party Certificate of Analysis detailing the quality and quantity of all active ingredients.

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 out of every 3 cancer deaths in the U.S. is linked to excess body weight, poor nutrition, and/or physical inactivity. These factors are all related and may all contribute to the risk of cancer, but body weight seems to have the strongest evidence linking it to cancer. Cancer Awareness Month draws attention to important health issues, including the importance of weight loss for a healthier lifestyle. Diet Doc is committed to doing their part to help people lose weight fast and, because of their rapid and effective results, have become the nation's leader in medically supervised weight management.

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