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Cancer Free Review Reveals New Alternative Treatment to Beat Cancer Gently

Cancer Free Review Exposes The Real Truth, Cancer Free Review Reveals New Alternative Treatment in Curing Cancer


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- After reading the related information about Cancer Free Review customers will be able to decide whether investing or not investing their money to get the Cancer Free new revolutionary bodybuilding program. Customers who are looking to purchase the new e-Book Cancer Free are on this page because they are looking for more information and description of the product. Cancer Free Review is designed to help people to find description, features and customer reviews.

Cancer Free is a new downloadable book by Bill Henderson and promotes the ideal of finding an alternative treatment for curing Cancer. Inside the Cancer Free, the author uses the most powerful techniques to demonstrate that Cancer can be defeated. Cancer Free is a comprehensive new online guide which provides lots information that may be appreciated like a real hope for many Cancer sufferers worldwide .

Bill Henderson is a retired Air Force Colonel and author of the book with huge success called Cancer Free. In the past his lovely wife faced with Cancer. She died of Cancer in 1994. After a long period of suffering during this time, he began his own researches to find alternative Cancer treatments because he doesn't want see other people worldwide suffering. After many years of researching in present he claims that he managed to found over three hundred and fifty. In this fight against Cancer he finally managed to become a winner and now with his new revolutionary book Cancer Free tries to help other Cancer sufferers to defeat this disease for ever.

Doctors tell women that if their mothers or grandmothers had Breast Cancer, then the risk is higher. Bill estimates this risk to no more than 15%, the remaining 85% being influenced by environment, eating habits, psychological stress. Here is the real proof at what he is talking about: adopted children at birth have the same risk of Cancer with their adoptive parents, not their biological parents, which means that the determining factors of Cancer are the environment factors life, not the biological ones. In China there are entire regions with no history of Breast Cancer. Does people think this is about the Asian gene? Not at all, because once emigrated to Chicago, the percentage of Cancer of the Chinese is the same, very high, with the Americans. So it is primarily about lifestyle. Inside of Cancer Free people will found serious studies which are showing that cancer risk for those born after 1940 is three times higher than those born before this year, which confirms Bill hypothesis. In the 20th century everything it is changed.

Shortly, in Cancer Free new eBook the author detailed explain why western lifestyle are the principle factors which promotes Cancer. Environment is loaded with the largest amount of factors recognized as carcinogens that ever existed on the planet. France is the third largest consumer of pesticides after America and Japan, and not by accident, Cancer statistics have the same order. Thousands of toxic products that exist today did not exist before. It is a main factor. Also he explains why bad food habits can be one of the factors of Cancer. Inside of Cancer Free he reveals the list of the foods rich in fat, sugar, meat. This food industry represents a powerful imbalance disastrous for people health. Also animals and agriculture are saturated with carcinogenic chemicals.

Then follow other fundamental factors that together creates the environment for the development of tumors, such as sedentary. There are numerous studies showing that the body's defense mechanisms against cancer are directly stimulated by physical activity. No need to make a sportsman. Suffice walk half an hour a day, but to be even every day. This is the minimum. Bill claims that people will decreases the risk of recurrence by 75% for those who exercise regularly.

People should never believe in miracle recipes, because they do not exist. Also they don't need to wait for the state or the food or pharmaceutical laboratories to discover some miraculous drugs. People need to turn their life in their own hand at all levels, in terms of nutrition, exercise, mind and environment in which they live. They do not have to give up conventional medicine but should not rely exclusively on it, waiting for the healing.

Cancer Free is released to help many people body to heal! The body needs comfort and softness. Go to massage. Exercise. And also, don't neglect the soul. About this last few mention when it comes to cancer, while taking care of our soul is fundamental, because there is no physical balance without the soul. There is no need to make a Cancer to start to take care of the body, or to be more careful with beauty and joy. The great secret is to live in the light.

About Cancer Free
In Cancer Free Bill promises to help people to cure Cancer by following a simple and natural diet and supplement regimen for 6-8 weeks. Cancer Free focuses on determine the cause of the Cancer and after that he is trying to reverse the cancer. Also, inside of Cancer Free users will find all the explanation on how they can check their progress with a simple test.

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