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Diet Doc Announces Their Renewed Battle Against America's Obesity Epidemic with Updated Medical Weight Loss Programs to Help Patients Lose Excess Fat and Reduce Cancer Risk

Diet Doc renews their commitment to help those in any part of the country lose excess fat comfortably and successfully to improve overall health and reduce their cancer risk


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- February, Cancer Awareness Month, is a great time to focus on the effects that being overweight carries on the body and how to lose excess fat. It is well known that obesity is associated with an increased risk for heart attack and stroke, but many people do not recognize its risk for certain types of cancer. Esophagus, pancreatic, colon, rectal, breast, kidney and gallbladder cancers are just a few of the organs that excess fat can threaten. And, while there are many factors that can influence cancer's growth that are out of one's control, those who carry excess fat ARE in control and can lose excess fat to reduce their cancer risk.

It is thought that overweight people produce higher levels of estrogen, fueling the risk of developing cancer. Obesity can lead to hyperinsulinemia, or increased levels of insulin, thought to promote the development of certain tumors, and low level inflammation, also associated with an increased cancer risk. For this and many other reasons, it is time for Americans to take a step back, evaluate their unhealthy lifestyles and take control of their health. This can begin today by calling Diet Doc, the nation's leader in medical weight loss programs.

Combining decades of scientific weight loss research with modern medical understanding has enabled Diet Doc to become the nation's leader in medical weight loss programs. The company has helped those in every area of the country improve their health, restore their figure and reduce their cancer risk with diet plans that are tailored to suit the nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs of each patient. New patients can begin taking control of their weight and their health by logging onto, completing a health questionnaire and scheduling an online consultation with one of the company's specially trained fast weight loss doctors. During the consult, the entire system will be reviewed to uncover the real reason for weight gain prior to creating meal and snack plans and recommending the prescription weight loss products that will work best for each patient.

The majority of over 20,000 actual patients report an average loss of 20 pounds or more per month simply by following the leadership and guidance of the professionals at Diet Doc. Many qualified patients enhance their customized meal and snack plans with prescription hormone diet treatments for faster fat burn and exclusive appetite suppressants and diet pills to control the urge to reach for high carbohydrate, processed foods. These powerful prescription weight loss medications work flawlessly with the meal and snack plans to control between meal hunger and food cravings while keeping the body operating optimally without loss of energy.

And because Diet Doc respects each patient's need for privacy during this often, life changing, journey, they make their medical weight loss programs available to patients throughout the country via the phone or internet, eliminating the need for costly, time consuming and embarrassing visits to weight loss clinics and doctor offices. And for added convenience, qualified patients can easily and effortlessly reorder their prescription products from the comfort of their own home to be delivered directly to their door for immediate use.

Diet Doc stands firm to its commitment to help everyone, in any part of the country, lose excess fat, improve their physical and emotional health and reduce their cancer risk and monitors each patient's progress through scheduled weekly checkup calls. This enables the doctors to modify their medical weight loss program if weight loss tapers and to ensure that each patient will lose excess fat and reduce their cancer risk safely, quickly and comfortably.

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