Natalie Mitchell

Killing Cancer Cells Through Diet Focus of New Book by Nutritionist

Author asserts a bodily environment can be created through diet which will be toxic to cancer cells.


Montreux, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- Natalie Mitchell celebrates the success of her second book, "How To Kill Cancer Cells". Known for her clear guidelines on how to create a bodily environment, which prevents cancer cells from thriving, she seeks to give readers the ability to create for themselves a cancer prevention diet. Her nutritional advice is presented in a way that is easy to understand, and which allows the reader to choose enjoyable foods to prepare and eat.

Many chapters of "How to Kill Cancer Cells" conclude with a list of foods to avoid and foods to embrace related to the chapter, such as the list of "Best Alkalizing Vegetables with Minerals and Vitamins content details" at the end of the chapter on preventative minerals. The book seeks to make food planning and preparation for cancer prevention simple and easy-to-follow.

Through her years helping cancer patients maintain their strength through diet, Natalie Mitchell has developed knowledge of the food choices which can make the body an uninhabitable place for cancer cells. She demonstrates how to prevent and avoid the disease by controlling and neutralizing, rather than unwittingly nourishing, the body’s natural cancer cells and their growth.

"How To Kill Cancer Cells" is all about practical advice. Chapters, which focus on things like foods which cancer cells love, acid levels in the body, and enzymes that kill cancer cells, hand out specific advice for everyone who wishes to actively make sure their bodies remain cancer-free. Research from papers, both mainstream and alternative medical sources, back the advice Natalie Mitchell has been on the front lines of providing. While the information itself is easy to understand, the Author’s clear message is that we, as individuals, can control our susceptibility to cancer, eliminate Cancer cells and in our bodies.

Natalie Mitchell is an international consulting Nutritionist specializing in cancer prevention and recovery for her clients.

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For over a decade she has counseled both the healthy and those with Cancer on how to achieve prevention as well as recovery through optimized daily nutrition and diet. In ”How To Kill Cancer Cells” Ms. Mitchell shares her extensive knowledge and understanding of the extraordinary power of diet and nutrition in preventing and neutralizing Cancer.

Natalie Mitchell
Montreux, Switzerland