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Candida Crusher Channel Discusses Ultimate Diet Plan to Stop Yeast Growth


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2016 -- New Zealand naturopath who formulated the Canxida supplement range has issues a new protocol to fight yeast overgrowth inside the body. The details are available in a video and a download posted on the doctor's YouTube channel .

The naturopath reveals on the Candida Crusher YouTube channel the Candida diet plan created to stop the development of the yeast inside the body and eventually eliminate it. The plan is different from the usual protocols that only mask the symptoms; the diet is said to focus on avoiding the foods that feed the candida growth.

The candida epidemic is a major problem especially in the USA, as a consequence to the sugar rich, highly processed diet most people adhere to. Besides the anti candida diet people interested in protocols and cures for yeast infections can download a 13-page report for free. The link to the report is posed right below the candida video.

The 25 minute video instructs on how to do the candida diet step by step. The plan starts with a clean up followed by a three stage diet. The given information includes candida diet tips as well as lifestyle tips that are easy to follow. The diet is expected to revitalize the digestive system. Patients are advised on how to make dietary changes that feel easy and last, what foods to eat and which fruit or green juices work best in the given situation. Finally, the video instructs on how to reintroduce the other foods once the anti-candida protocol is successful.

One of the most important parts of the video speaks about the foods to avoid, foods which feed candida and lead to yeast overgrowth. This is considered to be the key of the diet. Additional videos on the channel develop on this topic.

About Candida Crusher
Candida Crusher is the YouTube channel that promotes alternative candida healing protocols and diets that prevent its excessive growth. The candida cleanse and all related tips are provided by a naturopath physician with relevant clinical experience.

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Candida Crusher
New York, NY, USA