Candies4Kids Invites Sponsors to Kick Start Its Initiative to Bring Joy to Underprivileged Children Across the World

Join hands with fifteen year old Arooj Sheikh in brightening up the lives of children who’ve never known the joys of childhood in third-world countries.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- One of the most important lessons learned in life is to give to others who are less fortunate and spread little joys amongst them- joys that they might not know of otherwise.

When Arooj Sheikh was just in fourth grade, she envisioned a world where she could distribute little drops of joy in the form of candy for free to children in third world nations. True to her dream, this fifteen year old today has initiated a non-profit organization, Candies4Kids, to help her counterparts across the world.

Candies4Kids is a start up non-profit organization, which aims to deliver candy you donate (for free) to children across third world countries that have never had the experience of eating candy in their lives. Today, Candies4kids invites sponsors and volunteers to join hands and donate to bring a little happiness to these children’s lives.

Having to grow up and leave their childhood behind at a very young age, children in third world countries have hardly experienced the little joys of a normal childhood. Aside from starvation and water scarcity, these children face severe psychological damage and depression due to the fact that they hardly get to play with toys or get a proper education.

About Candies4Kids
Through this initiative, Candies4Kids hopes to bring joy to these children, allowing them the rare treat of enjoying a candy bar. Such small gestures tend to lighten the burden of responsibilities that have been placed on their delicate shoulders and shape their future. Small events such as these can go on to change the kind of people they might grow up to be, thereby changing the fate of an entire family line.

With the completion of paperwork and the right sponsors to fund her cause, Arooj Sheikh hopes to organize candy distribution to children in third world countries through a simple five-part process. First, donators can drop off candy in boxes at local collection centers, following which they will be shipped to the Candies4Kids headquarters in Houston. Next, volunteers will conduct a thorough quality check before the collection is packed and shipped to tie-up local charities in the recipient countries for distribution. She hopes to launch this mid September, 2015.

Says Arooj Sheikh, creator of Candies4Kids: “Candy makes up the best and brightest moments of life that you wish could’ve lasted forever. Everyone deserves to enjoy their childhood!”

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