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‘CandleMarketplace.com’ Offers High-Quality, Non-Toxic Soy Candles That Are Both Safe and Beautiful


Grapevine, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2012 -- Six years ago, Texas resident and candle lover Louise Good started her own small soy candle company, right at the height of the economic downturn.

Good, who has been a fan of fragrant and colorful candles for years, had read articles that linked paraffin wax candles to often-serious health problems. Inspired by her passion for candles and her desire to burn only non-toxic varieties, Good opened her business, CandleMarketplace.com, out of a spare bedroom in her home. The company features high-quality, scented soy candles that are both safe to use and highly attractive.

Today, CandleMarketplace.com is thriving, despite the still-shaky economy. Good moved her business out of her home and now offers a full line of soy wax candles that are hand-poured in small, closely monitored batches to be sure each one meets Good’s high standards.

Because Good and her employees understand that safety is paramount when it comes to candles, they personally inspect each of the all natural candles they make for quality, safety, and compliance with National Candle Association standards.

“Each candle is a like a jewel just waiting to be revealed and enjoyed,” Good wrote in an article on her website, adding that every candle from CandleMarketplace.com is created from American made soy wax that is all natural and clean burning.

“You won’t find any toxic petroleum by-products in our soy candles.”

Good uses only American-grown soy for her candles. Because soy wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax, she said, it releases no soot and other toxins into the air as it burns.

Good also takes care to be sure the candlewick bases are healthy and safe for the environment. Her company uses pure zinc, 100 percent lead free bases in the candles, which means they may be safely throw away and will not lead to health issues.

Using the website is easy; the only difficult part might be deciding which richly scented and colorful candles to purchase first! Simply log onto the home page and begin browsing through the extensive selection of soy wax candles. Themed categories on the left hand side make it easy for customers to find the type of soy candles they are looking for: choices include Holiday Memories, Fresh Flower, and Sweet and Sexy Candles.

About CandleMarketplace.com
Six years ago CandleMarketplace.com started as a small business operated out of a spare bedroom here in Texas. Our goal was to provide the finest, all natural candles available today. We wanted to sell candles that are not only safe and non-toxic to burn, but also give your home or office incredible fragrances that make these spaces warm and inviting. For more information, please visit http://www.candlemarketplace.com