Barker and Barker

Canine Treats with Superfoods Gain Attention

Know the care you should give to your dog.


Bournemouth, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Responsible dog owners know the absolute care they can give their dogs is to feed their four-legged home companions healthy food. While most dog owners opt for table scraps, there are nutritious options made just for pooches that are not loaded with calories that eventually lead to canine obesity. For dog treats that are not only tasty but health-enhancing too, look no further than sites specializing in 100 percent natural dog training treats.

Some premium all-natural brands of canine treats offer dental benefits – minimizing build-up of tartar and giving Fido fresher breath. There are options that also amazingly contain superfoods that offer essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Fruit & veggie treats or little liver treats from Barker and Barker, for instance, have gotten the attention of the most fastidious pet parents. They are perfect not only for promoting canine wellness but also serving as training treats for dogs.

Giving a pooch quality dog supplements reduces trips to the veterinary clinic. Just like human supplements, good options like Barker and Barker have healthy properties that keep canine illnesses at bay. Moreover, canine supplements with human-grade and non-GM (genetically modified) ingredients and natural properties can help keep your doggie fit and healthy.

It is also important to give your pet the right amount of treats or supplements based on size and physical condition. A small dog weighing below 10 kilograms may require no more than half a teaspoon for a single meal each day. On the other hand, medium-sized dogs weighing about 20 to 50 kilograms may need only a teaspoon per meal. Big dogs, meantime, may be given up to two teaspoons each meal.

Indeed, natural canine treats and supplements are vital to bolstering your furry friends’ immune system, lowering blood pressure, cleansing and ridding the pet of parasites. Say goodbye to Fido’s digestive troubles and other ailments and opt for canine treats with superfoods that are gaining wide acceptance among modern-day dog owners.