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Cannons UK Launches Interlocking Floor Guards for Employee Comfort and Fewer Injuries

Adequate Floor Coverings Reduce Slip And Falls And Decrease Development Of Conditions


Braiseworth, Suffolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- According to statistics from the medical industry, more than 1,000 deaths occur due to slip and fall incidents each year with countless injuries occurring annually as well. Such situations cost businesses in an array of sectors more than $11 billion per year in medical expenses, worker's compensation claims and further lawsuits. These injuries are attributed largely to unsecured floor mats as well as slippery floors due to rain water being tracked through high traffic areas and cleaning residue left behind by janitorial crews.

While the aforementioned figures include immediate injuries, they fail to take into account health conditions developing due to the effects of spending consecutive hours standing on inadequately padded flooring. Such conditions include severe lower back pain, arthritis in the hips and knees, varicose veins, and a number of other ailments and can also lead to worker's compensation and disability claims. In an effort to reduce these numbers and decrease the associated costs for business owners, Cannons UK has launched their exclusive line of interlocking floor guards.

John Arnold of Cannons UK explained, "All products featured on our website,, are made of the highest quality EVA Foam, which resists moisture; therefore, they clean easily and do not soak up water or other fluids. They also feature a non-slip backing, so they stay in place to help avoid tripping and slipping. The support our mats offer increase comfort levels for those who stand for long periods of time, helping to prevent conditions that develop over time as well."

While such flooring solutions are particularly helpful in deterring slip and fall injuries in the retail sector and other areas where customers enter and exit various premises, they are also highly beneficial in other industries. Automotive repair shops and salvage yards find non-slip mats advantageous in preventing injuries from oil and coolant spills. An easily washable surface prevents the staining and frequent replacements associated with carpet and other porous surfaces. This greatly reduces the amount of potential harm employees and patrons are exposed to as well as long term expenses for business owners.

Those in the assembly and manufacturing industries, along with the medical field, benefit from additional padding when forced to stand for 8 to 12 hours each day. Adding foam mats to concrete or vinyl floors helps reduce the occurrence of chronic fatigue, back problems, joint disorders, and other conditions. This lowers medical expenses and insurance claims for employees across a wide genre of professions. Daycare centers and elementary schools also benefit from these types of mats. Children are afforded a safe, comfortable play area while caretakers are able to easily sanitize the mats to help keep viruses and other illnesses at bay.

Concluded Arnold, "Our mats measure 24" by 24" and are 11mm thick. They are universally interlocking, so they can be used alone or integrated with others to accommodate any size area. They create a smooth, flat surface and each piece comes with 2 edges for a sleek finish. Their tough surface resists tearing from boots, work related equipment and toys, and they are perfect for almost any application. Customers may visit to view our complete selection and to place orders."

About Cannons UK
One of the largest jigsaw mat suppliers in the United Kingdom, Cannons UK is a family owned and operated business with more than 8 years in the industry. Offering next day delivery for most orders, customer service is their top priority. Their goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction while providing safety for countless businesses.