Psychology Consultants, a Brisbane Psychologist Clinic Offers Professional Consultancy over Sleeping Problems

Psychology Consultants is known for its effective evidence-based and client-centred clinical psychology services.


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Psychology Consultants is known for its effective evidence-based and client-centred clinical psychology services. The Brisbane psychologist clinic believes in a collaborative, respectful, empathetic and compassionate approach to resolve the implications set on its patients’ uneasy minds.

The same can be seen in its highly professional consultancy over people’s sleeping problems, also known as Insomnia. Psychology Consultants understands the adverse effects it can have on a person’s life. Quite academically, the clinic’s psychologists also understand the core reasons of such sleeping disorders.

The psychologists follow the most reliable mechanisms in the name of its three major treatment components – Behavioural, Cognitive and Educational. While the Behavioural approach deals with consolidating sleep over shorter periods of time in bed, the Cognitive and Educational Component resolves one’s maladaptive thoughts and health-related habits, respectively.

“As well as using psychological approaches that have an overall scientific basis, each of our clinical psychologists and psychologists take a scientist-practitioner approach,” states one of the spokespersons at Psychology Consultants. “This approach involves evaluating the method they take with each client and making individualised adjustments to the approach where necessary to enhance treatment effectiveness”, he further said.

With “individualized treatment”, Psychology Consultants aims at avoiding the bookish knowledge and resolves the patients’ “can’t sleep problems” based on their individual symptoms. It helps the psychologists to understand the core of a person’s affected mindset, whether it is because of their life, stress, emotional or physical discomfort, some existing medical condition, or simply because of environmental factors.

Individuals suffering from Insomnia can contact Psychology Consultants and be ensured of rapid improvements with each session with their certified psychologists. Even if one knows a person going through such problems, they can contact the clinic for very brief intervention to resolve their difficulties.

About Psychology Consultants
Psychology Consultants is a group of clinical psychologists providing practical skills for people of all ages to deal with emotional and behavioral problems such as anxiety, depression, and relationship problems that affect their daily lives.

They have practices at both Morningside and Newmarket and have a large team of experienced Psychology Consultants that can help people and their family with the challenges that modern life presents. Their team offers a broad range of experience in dealing with problems faced by children, adolescents, parents, couples and older adults.

They may be able to help patients deal with child behavioral concerns; improve parenting skills; cope with life transitions; make career decisions; enhance relationships; manage health concerns; and manage disabilities, etc.For more information, please visit

Contact Details:
Southside: Suite 9, 18 Thynne Road, Morningside (above the Spar Convenience store)
Northside: Level 1, Reading New market, 400 New market Road New market
P: 07 3356 8255
F: 07 3356 8477