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Cantilever Racks in Houston: An Ideal Space Saving Solution

The storage system that is managed nicely with the help of racking system is a need of the hour. The products stored and well managed in the warehouse help bring down the expense of transporting the goods. Therefore, there are various racking systems available nowadays that aid the efficient management of warehouse systems.


Humble, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- Cantilever Racks In Houston: Storing Irregularly Shaped Products

With the increase in the size of inventories and the products being manufactured in it, an acute need of compact storage system has arisen. One of the best ways to store the largely shaped products in an efficient manner is the use of the racking systems. To store every type of product in every possible manner, an individual gets a long range of perfectly tailored racking systems from Material Storage System Inc. These systems include pallet racking, cantilever racking and pipe racking system. A variety of industries like lumber, sheetrock, steel, tubing, plastics, furniture and many more make the use of cantilever racking system to store their finished products and raw materials. These racking systems are proving to be a successful and very useful space saving solution in many industries. Therefore, Material Storage System Inc. – a leading manufacturer of the cantilever racks in Houston, has launched a wide range of racking systems that are suitable for storing the products of any dimensions.

The latest edition of the cantilever system is of two types: roll-formed and structural. These recently devised systems consist of arms, columns, bases and brace sets. In the rolled form type of cantilever racking system, the columns are mounted on the base and are braced together. This type of configuration of the racking system ensures its durability and the reliability regardless the size of the products stored. Apart from the regular components, the roll form type of racking system is supplied with the double and single arm saddle, bolted ended cap assembly and X- brace rod. This newly formulated rolled form type of cantilever racking system is of 28 feet in height. To increase the flexibility of the racking system, an individual can supply the facility with the upright fixtures at the distance of 3 inches on the arm. To eliminate the chances of product sliding away from the storage solution, an individual get two types of arm options: a weld on the cap or a pipe stop from Material Storage Solution Inc. - a leading producer of cantilever racks in Houston.

Another latest addition in the cantilever type of racking system is the structural racking system. This type of storage solution is an arrangement of structural steel arms bolted to the structural steels. This strong racking system is easily adjustable by the user. The structural type of the cantilever racking system is equipped with diagonal and horizontal bracing along with the bolt tracing tap and pipe stop. The columns of this facility are manufactured by using either medium duty or heavy duty steel columns. The aisle end of each arm is protected by welded steel and a bull nosed shield that prevents the stored products from rolling off the racking space.

Thus, the recently launched compact racking system serves as a key method to strategically manage the warehouse storage system.

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The company Material Storage Solution Inc. specializes in the manufacture of the space saving structures for the warehouse storage structures. To design the racking system exactly according to the requirements, a team of experienced and skilled engineers is employed by the company.

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