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Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- As of June 2011, an estimated 2.8 million Canadians live abroad. More than one million reside in the United States. Expatriates may be found in locations as varied as France, Trinidad and Australia. Naturalized citizens have become the fastest growing population of Canadians living abroad. The exit rate for this group is 4.5% while Canadian-born citizens have an exit rate of only 1.3%. A place is needed for expatriates and Canadian travellers to connect with one another, according to Michael Niren of Canuck Abroad, and this is how our travel forum for Canadians was born.

"When our site was first founded, our goal was to provide information specifically geared to expats and Canadian travellers. Over time though, we have grown to offer much more," Mr. Niren explains. "Canadians wishing to travel head to the site to learn about different cities and countries the world over. When one makes use of a travel guide for Canadians contained on the site, he or she learns about what the locals are doing, how much money to bring along, what to see and do while in the selected location and how to share tips and advice with other travelers." Travel guides are offered for Africa, Asia, Australia/Pacific, Europe, North and Central America as well as South America. "Our travel forum contains the information most needed by those wishing to explore the globe. While visiting the site, be sure to look for flights, hotel reservations and other travel information to make planning the trip even easier," Mr. Niren goes on to say.

Canadians living abroad often find themselves in need of information or advice, but don't know where to turn. "Anyone living abroad who has a question should head to Canuck Abroad. Canadian embassy information may be found here along with work, study and tourist visa information. Learn when a visa is required and when a trip may be taken without this necessary paperwork or obtain a list of what is required to obtain a student visa. Immigration advice is offered along with guides for overseas banking and employment," Mr. Niren continues.

When moving to a new country, one may find him or herself in need of a friendly face. Even if the person is unknown, having another Canadian in the area can make the adjustment much easier. "Canuck Abroad offers information on expatriate groups and associations, allowing Canadians to connect in all parts of the world," Mr. Niren states. "From Australia to Southern California, groups exist for exactly this purpose. Our goal is to help you get in touch with a group in your area. Look no further than Canuck Abroad for answers to all of your questions, whether you are an expatriate or Canadian traveller."

About Canuck Abroad
Canuck Abroad was created with the goal of giving Canadian travellers and expats a forum in which to share advice and stories as there was very little distinct information specific to these groups. Over time, the site has grown to provide information about most countries across the globe. The travel forum offered on the site is very active and now has thousands of members sharing their personal experiences. In addition to this forum, the site provides resources to help travellers find hotel reservations, cheap airfare and more. Here one can find a list of Canadian embassies and consulates along with Canadian expat groups. A socially responsible website, Canuck Abroad supports many social and environmental initiatives, including TerraPass and Kiva, companies known for their micro-lending and carbon offsets.