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Access to commercial lending has been made much more difficult in recent years following credit crunch, however, there are some customer friendly companies, as well.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Commercial lending is a type of loan, which in contrast to the commercial bank loans lender is not a bank, and counterparties of the company. Bridge lending is generally used for supplier of products in the form of commodities lending and buyers of products. Usually, commercial lending is used in short-term, however, recent forms of Commercial Construction & Land Development loans are extended for medium-term. Diverse forms of commercial lending can be found from direct lenders. can be such source of capital for the business.

Commercial credit plays a positive role in the absence of a full credit system. Refinance Cash Out Loans ensures the continuity of the circuit and of turnover in industry and trade. Trade credit has played a positive role in the reconstruction of the economy after the Civil War. Commercial Loan Applications are widely used not only in the private sector, but also to sales of the public sector. Capital Direct Funding is a kind of credit, the essence of which is to transfer one party (the lender) to other party (the borrower) money. The cause of the commercial loan is the difference in terms of the production and sale of products from different manufacturers, the difference in the length of the production cycle. can serve this function.

Commercial credit has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits include:

- Efficiency of the provision of funds in the form of commodities;
- Technical awkwardness formal agreement;
- Giving the company more opportunities to maneuver working capital;
- Promoting the development of the credit market.

Disadvantages of commercial credit include limited in time and scale, the presence of significant risk to the lender, the ability to undue influence of banks that discount bills. Currently applied in practice are mainly three types of commercial loans:

- A loan with a fixed maturity date;
- Loan repayment by the borrower after the actual implementation of the goods;
- Credit for opening the account, where the supply of the next batch of goods on trade credit by the time of repayment of past debt.

With an open account, the company may allow the buyer to purchase goods without issuing credit agreements in each particular case.The ordered goods are immediately shipped to the buyer, and the buyer has to pay for it by a certain period of time after receipt of the invoice. In developed countries, it is practiced in order to open the main financial instrument of sales in wholesale trade. Such an account as a form of cash-credit relationship between the seller and the buyer is widely used in the UK, Germany, France and other countries.

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