Capital Vintners Comments on Robert Parker's High Praise of Bordeaux 2009 Wines

Capital Vintners discuss Robert Parker’s thoughts on the top Bordeaux wines of 2009.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- At Capital Vintners, we know that a case of Bordeaux is a safe investment for any wine lover, whatever the vintage. However, 2009 turned out to be a particularly spectacular year for this wine region. The summer was picture perfect in the region, with plenty of sunny, dry and warm days, coupled with crisp, cool evenings.

As such, it’s really no wonder so many excellent Bordeaux wines were produced. Many of the experts at Capital Vintners have compared the 2009 Bordeaux collection to those produced in 2003; they have the same ripe, opulent fruit character, along with a powerful tannic structure. These tannins however, are well integrated and based on recent tastings, do not overwhelm the palate, but rather add depth to the fruit.

Capital Vintners expects many of the wines to be aged for decades, but there were quite a few which were crafted in such a way that they will be approachable much earlier on. Regardless of how long they are left to age, there is no doubt that buyers will find themselves with high quality wines if they choose a case of Bordeaux 2009. However, there are a couple of wines have proved to be especially impressive.

The Chateau Cos D’Estournel 2009 and the Chateau Angelus 2009 have both been featured in the ‘Magical 20’ by the world’s most well respected Bordeaux wine critic, Robert parker, who uses the 100 point wine quality system he himself devised. Capital Vintners make it a policy to only deal with wines which have a Parker score of 95 or higher – in short, they only deal with the world’s very best wines.

The comments which Parker made about these two wines were intriguing; of Angelus, he remarked that is was certainly a ‘show winner’, and scored it at 96-100, whilst the Cos D’Estournel received even higher praise from the critic, who said that it was ‘concentrated, deep, soft – amazing’, and unlike any of the other 2009 wines he had tasted. This wine was given a score of 98-100 on the Parker scale.

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