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Capoeira: The Dance and Martial Arts Workout That Is in a Class of Its Own


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- With communications expanding and cultures combining, the fitness world has expanded to offer numerous exciting, challenging, and expressive workouts as alternatives to traditional fitness practices. Capoeira is just one of the many fitness practices sneaking its way into clubs as a new way for individuals to improve their health.

Capoeira (Kah-pooh-eh-ra) is a Brazilian art which combines martial arts, dance, rhythm and movement into a unique expressive workout. Historians still debate on the origins of the practice, but it is clear the activity offers numerous physical, mental, and overall health benefits for those interested in trying something new.

The workout is somewhat like a game played out in a circle of movement. Individuals engage in physical martial arts movements consisting of take-downs, round kicks, ducks and sweeps while at the same time employing dance-like movements creating a flow and rhythm which is hard to describe. Workouts are down with partners, where the aim is to trick the opponent into a position that he/she cannot get out of. Players aim to display the potential harm of movements, but employ restraint with rhythm and flow to create the beautiful complex dance.

Practitioners identify numerous benefits: increases in strength, cardio stamina, and flexibility to name a few. Aside from the physical benefits, the practice encourages social interaction and engagement, appreciation and education about a different culture, and can often increase confidence and pride when players finally win, or at manage to stay in the game longer than before.

A large listing of Capoeira schools, groups, and clubs is available to anyone via the internet, and many fitness centers are now adding classes to their curriculum as trainers become more available. If the traditional activities of running, walking, or swimming do not appeal to you, perhaps the game of Capoeira will spark your interest to dance into a healthier lifestyle.

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