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Capping Impressive Run, Gigaquirks Invests Even Further Into Web Design Capabilities

New investments will help one of Singapore's leading web design firms provide even more value and business-aligned results for clients, Gigaquirks reports


Central, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2014 -- Gigaquirks PTE LTD, a top web design and Internet marketing agency, has announced that the company has invested significantly in the expansion and betterment of its array of web design and app creation capabilities. The skills of newly added team members and recent training of key veteran employees will further improve the company's already considerable ability to deliver purpose-built web apps and other digital properties that reflect and enhance clients' business processes in productive, profitable ways. Gigaquirks is one of Singapore's leading web design specialists, and the company expects that its new investments will result in even greater demand for its services.

"Coming off a number of highly successful projects, we're pleased to announce that we have extended our reach as a company even further," Gigaquirks representative Geraldine Tay said, "Our new investments into personnel and training are going to make us an even more effective force for the betterment of our clients' businesses." Singapore's uniquely open, business-friendly economy has proven to be a stalwart of growth and optimism, and the country continues to attract an impressive share of foreign investment to mix with the considerable fuel of its native economic engine.

Gigaquirks was founded to provide the kind of cost-effective, results-focused web design, development, and marketing that Singapore's businesses and other organizations have so often searched for in vain in the past. An intense focus on understanding the business processes and needs of client organizations has allowed Gigaquirks to consistently and notably produce solutions to their problems that mesh seamlessly with existing assets, systems, and brands, delivering unquestioned value and return on investment.

A recent Gigaquirks project of note, for example, had the company designing and installing a high-quality, customized customer relationship management system based on well-known CRM platform SugarCRM. By investigating the existing work flows and business processes of the client in question, Gigaquirks employees were able to produce a low-cost solution that nonetheless also accounted well for that company's very particular needs.

Gigaquirks' recent investments into new staff members and further training for established performers will make the company even more capable of delivering exactly what will most benefit particular clients. The company's collective quiver of skills will be enhanced by more advanced knowledge of important web programming technologies like PHP and Javascript, as well as even greater ability at creating mobile apps for the Android platform and still more refined and appealing design work and brand development services.

Details about any of the company's many web design and other offerings can be found at the Gigaquirks website. Visitors there can also easily arrange for free quotes, without obligation, for any of its services.

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