Capsiplex Customer Shares Her Weight Loss Results on the New Blog

Caroline Hayward From Newbridge, United Kingdom, launches a blog where she shares her experience with the UK’s top selling fat burner, Capsiplex.


Saint Petersburg, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- is a one-of-its-kind blog reflecting the personal experience with the well known fat burning supplement called Capsiplex. It’s written by Mrs. Caroline Hayward, who confesses to have been struggling with extra weight that negatively affected her both looks and emotional state.

As Mrs. Hayward says, she began to experience overweight problems after giving birth to her child. The excess fat accumulated around the women’s typical places which are belly area and hips. Just like thousands of modern women, Mrs. Hayward has to combine her duties of motherhood with the local work of a preschool teacher, and being so busy she had no time to devote to weight loss routines.

This led her to start investigating such options as slimming tablets which are known to seriously help people shed off excess weight.

Capsiplex tablets are well known in the UK due to an ongoing interest from the local media and the fact that after it’s launch to the slimming market, this supplement was sold out in 3 days, with over 50000 packages sent out to the customers.

However, as Mrs. Hayward explains, even after 3 years of popularity, this supplement had no solid base of people who would share their actual results from taking Capsiplex. The slimming forums had dozens of threads discussing this slimming supplement, and just like Mrs. Hayward, many other people were wondering about Capsiplex weight loss results.

Finally, after spending lots of time online seeking for the Capsiplex customer feedback, she decided to give this supplement her own try.

Now, after using Capsiplex for several months, on her blog she shares all the details about this product, in particular how it worked for her, did she notice any side effects, what activities she performed while taking this supplement. She also gives the important advice on buying genuine Capsiplex, as the popularity behind it provoked several copycats appearing.

Mrs. Hayward also provides the summary of her personal diary where she tracked her progress with Capsiplex, and noted the changes in her current weight on a weekly basis.

As Mrs. Hayward professes, by sharing this information she wants to help other people interested in the product make an informed decision and set realistic expectations before urging to buy it. She also invites the readers to openly discuss and share their own experience in comments and by email, as this will help to gather the valuable facts about Capsiplex as opposed to the marketing hype surrounding it.

Not representing any business entity, Mrs. Hayward’s blog is a free personal way to help other people just like her to discover the real facts behind a popular slimming supplement Capsiplex, by sharing her own experience with the product along with recommendations based on her successful weight loss results.

Contact Information
Caroline Hayward
Address: 50 Lairg Road
Newbridge, LL14 9NX
Tel: 078 2162 6373