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Capsiplexinfo.org Launches to Provide Detailed Data About Popular Fat Burning Supplement Capsiplex


Flintshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2012 -- The holiday season is an exciting time filled with beautiful decorations, memorable moments with family and friends and fun gifts. The season also typically involves delicious treats and an abundance of food, leaving many people ready to start a new diet in the new year.

But given the endless number of diets currently in existence, it can be hard to know which one will truly work and provide the desired results.

Used by celebrities, including UK stars Roxanne Pallett and Nicola McLean, Capsiplex is one of the most popular diet supplements in the UK. While it is said to help users lose weight fast without a large amount of exercise, it is important individuals interested in taking Capsiplex thoroughly research the diet pill prior to using it.

Featuring a comprehensive range of information about Capsiplex, Capsiplexinfo.org is a new website providing visitors with the in-depth research they need to make an informed decision. The Capsiplex website covers a wide array of topics, including safety concerns, clinical data proving Capsilex’s slimming effects, feedback from previous customers, manufacturer reputation data, where to buy Casiplex and much more.

According to HealthPros, the creators of new http://www.capsiplexinfo.org, “We've analysed all the questions people were looking for online about this product, gathered the information and provided in-depth answers on this website.”

Capsiplex is a 100 percent natural fat burner made with capsicum extract, piperine, niacin and caffeine. Capsicum, the main ingredient in Capsiplex, is an extract from red hot peppers that has been proven to increase fat metabolism, while suppressing appetite. Derived from black pepper, piperine in included in Casiplex to enhance its overall effectiveness. Niacin is included to help reduce a person’s cholesterol, while the caffeine in the supplement speeds up a person’s fat metabolism process.

According to Casiplexinfo.org, Capsiplex is clinically proven to be safe and effective, burning 12 times more calories than all other celebrity diet pills. In fact, studies have shown Capsiplex burns 278 more calories during, before and after exercise compared to placebos. However, the site does caution users should consult a physician prior to consuming the dietary supplement.

Whether a person is interested in losing a little extra weight for an upcoming event or would like to take control of their bodies in the new year, Capsiplexinfo.org can help provide them with the data they need about Capsiplex.

For more information about the fat burning supplement, Capsiplex, visit http://www.capsiplexinfo.org

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