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Captain Underfish & Dream Princess: Author Antoinette Gelin Enthralls Thousands of Young Readers with Compelling Children's Books

Creating lovable characters and words that swallow children deep inside each story, author Antoinette Gelin is proving that adult imagination is no bar to literary success.


Bloomfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- While there are thousands of children’s authors in North America, just a few stand out from the crowd. One of the brightest new starts on literary scene is New Jersey’s Antoinette Gelin, whose success to date serves a powerful reminder that anything is possible.

Gelin has already enchanted thousands of readers with her two children’s books – ‘Captain Underfish’ and ‘Dream Princess’. With strong imagination-based plots and life-lessons that make children think, her books serve to build confidence, entertain, inform and inspire.


Captain Underfish: Having self-confidence has never been a problem for Flint Fantail. He has always believed in himself. Even when every sea creature including his mom told him to stop believing, he continues believing within. Flint understands in his heart he is a superhero but doesn't know how to prove it, especially, when he is the school's geek. He hopes one-day Fancy Talesing will notice him. The one sea creature that always believes in him will be the one to unleash his superhero strength.

Dream Princess: A thundering storm roared toward Hunter Green Forest. Princess Jade’s focus was on spending as much time with her best friend, Crystal, as she could. Jade was on the verge of making a life-changing decision. Should she go into the forest and search for her missing best friend or head to the hospital and be at her mother’s bedside? Fortunately, the storm would lead her to discover a secret about herself and bring her closer to her mother and best friend.

As the author explains, the magical story-telling formula she hit on is proving popular across the country.

“I wanted to strike a strong balance between telling an engaging story and giving each young reader something to think about along the way. So, aside from thrusting children into each book’s magical world, a series of morals and life-lessons have them closing the book as better people,” Gelin says.

Critics are praising both books for the value they provide both parents and young readers. In fact, feedback from the books has proven more positive than Gelin had ever expected.

“I expected the books to gain approval among parents and community leaders, but the sheer amount of positive feedback has been nothing short of overwhelming. I’m both amazed and privileged to be delighting so many readers. May it long continue!” she adds.

With children demanding more from the book’s characters, Gelin has recently launched a range of toys and gifts that fit perfectly alongside her books. From branded pencils and flashing tiaras to bookmarks and even a bundle package, it appears children can’t get enough of both Captain Underfish and Dream Princess.

Gelin’s success is poised to continue long into the future. Critics and parents alike are asked to keep a close eye on this future best-selling author.

For more information and to purchase both books, visit the author’s official website: http://antoinettegelin.com/

About the Author: Antoinette Gelin
Antoinette Gelin, a child at heart, was born in Gonaive, Haiti. Since she was a little girl, she loved writing, teaching, and reading stories to young children. Her beginner chapter book “Dream Princess” has empowered her to continue following her dream as a writer. She's currently residing in the Township of Bloomfield, New Jersey.