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CAPTCHA: Why Is It a "NO NO" to Bloggers and Readers Alike?

CAPTCHA, ("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") is a form of challenge-response test that determines whether or not the user is a human, helpful for site owners for their site not to be populated with spanners, though for bloggers and readers alike CAPTCHAs can be a pain.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2014 -- Yes, it is exasperating to have spammy comments on blogs – is CAPTCHA the best option to avoid these from appearing on someone’s blog? Absolutely NOT! Why? - Because CAPTCHA also reduces the useful comments.

Bloggers should encourage readers to comment on their blogs, not set up an obstacle just to leave a comment on their precious article. Say for example a reader is typing a very lovely comment; afterwards he’ll be faced with a hard to read numbers confined in a box. Will he spend another minute or a couple minutes to solve it? Most of the time, probably yes, but this narrows the chance that he’ll be coming back. For dedicated readers, there’s an anti CAPTCHA service that will help surpass these tests. Death by CAPTCHA is one of the best service providers.

It may be an exaggeration that solving a CAPTCHA will take a minute or two; it may only just take ten to fifteen seconds. That is, if it the reader or the user solved it on his first attempt. On first attempt, CAPTCHAs are deliberately difficult to solve to ensure that bots can’t read it – chances are mistakes will be committed and the reader will have to do it for the second time or perhaps give it a third shot. There are also instances that when a CAPTCHA is encoded properly it doesn’t go through, another irritating instance that the reader may encounter.

There may even be occasions that blog readers will simply discard their comments for they may find it pointless to go through brain twisting obstacles and solve those silly codes.

If one wants to avoid spam comments on their there are several alternatives other than the use of CAPTCHAs.

Probably, the most prominent spam-filtering WordPress plugin, it automatically segregates spam comments into a separate, so that it will never get published. Akismet also has a high accuracy when it comes to filtering spam. Though, occasionally it is advised to check through this folder prior to emptying it to assure that it only contains spam.

The simplest way to avoid those spam comments, turn on the comment moderation. The blogger is in full control over the comments that will be published on his blog. Though, this may become more of a chore if the blogger is getting tons of spam. Reading through the spam comments can be entertaining so somehow that will lighten the task.

Use a different comment system, the one that will enable to the user to log in to their social media accounts prior to leaving comments, this slims the chance for spammers to leave useless comments for the sake of link building or whatsoever.

These are just a few effective alternatives; there are a lot out there that won’t annoy commenters, and won’t lessen the number of comments that the blogger is receiving like what CAPTCHA is doing.

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