Captivator Systems LLC

Captivator Systems Revolutionizes the Process of Awarding Government Bids

Winning government bids has never been easy but with Captivator Systems’ new revolutionary program it can be. Obtain government bids the easy way, with professionals who can help.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2013 -- Captivator System's announce a new revolutionary way to win government bids. At Captivator System's their “mission is to provide its users with a comprehensive government bidding solution that will actually convert solicitations into automated RFQ's, bids and awards through a process we call, Solicitation-to-Award,” said CEO Lee Levinstein. The difference with Captivator Systems is that unlike their competitors they first and foremost are informative about every detail of the bidding process, helping clients every step of the way. Competitors only provide solicitation information past and present and stop there.

“The best way to win government bids, is to systemize and automate the government bid process: only one company offers this capability in an easy to use and track way,” Lee said, “At Captivator Systems the process to win awards is executed accurately and timely with little hassle for the client, with up to the moment analytics, tracking, and a reduction of data entry points down to just two pieces of information: your quote price and your delivery time.”

Additionally Captivator Systems model is such that awards are the driver: when the client wins, Captivator wins too, so the company is highly motivated to provide the tools to ensure that outcome: With Captivator no one wins until the client wins.

Just as filters through all airline sites to find the best flight prices, Captivator Systems filters through all government bids to find the ones most relevant for the client. This is possible through the use of a carefully structured filtering system. The technical professionals at Captivator, “developed software program infrastructures and ERP integration specifications for automated U.S. Government electronic bidding applications. They also created organizational systems, logic algorithms and bidding strategies to filter daily D.O.D. Contract requirements, process automated customer RFP's and streamline bid submission on U.S. Government websites,” said Levinstein.

In doing so Captivator Systems has established a system that is easy to use for their clients. When filling out a product form for a bid, clients typically have up to 50+ lines of information to fill out. At Captivator Systems clients fill out only two: how much a product costs and how long will it take to ship. The rest is taken care of. If growing government awards and business is in the best interest of a company, Captivator Systems can make every part of the process easier than ever before with strict accountabilities, tracking, filtering, bidding, and winning awards all in one easy to use online application. No messy server based installation; no continual IT infrastructure challenges; just steady and measurable growth in client’s government awards.