Capture Ionic Smokeless Ashtray Review Names It the Best Smokeless Ashtray has released a review of the Capture Ionic Smokeless Ashtray, rating it the best ionic filtration and smoke eating ashtray on the market.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- A full Capture Ionic Smokeless Ashtray review at has been published on the website. According to the review, this ionic smokeless ashtray is currently the best in its class for its smoke absorbing and filtering effectiveness. The review acknowledges the superior design and ionic smoke filtration mechanism of the device, rating it better than regular carbon filter smokeless ashtrays. The ashtray works for both cigarette and cigar smokers.

Said the site's webmaster, Steve Segura, "Amongst smokeless ashtrays, the Capture Ionic Smokeless Ashtray Generation 3 has gotten the best feedback from users. As such, we wanted to do an in-depth review of this device. We found that it's great design and fast, effective negative ion smoke filtration are keys to its success. It works better than regular carbon filtration ashtrays. It's also the best ionic ashtray currently available."

The Capture ionic smokeless ashtray showcases an innovative breakthrough in ashtray manufacturing. It has a modern and sturdy design. This allows the device to stay in service for a long time. Users of smokeless ashtrays have often complained about how flimsy and low quality the materials of their ashtray can be. With this ashtray, users can be assured of good construction materials, making it a gadget that is built-to-last. More information is available on the full review at

Another benefit of the Capture smokeless ionic ashtray discussed in the review is that it uses a fixed permanent ionic filter, unlike carbon filter ashtrays that require periodic filter changes. This saves users the cost and hassle of buying and changing filters.

To keep the ionic ashtray working well, users are advised to clean the ashtray regularly. In general, regular cleaning of smokeless ashtrays is a step that is really helpful to keep them functioning well, whether it is carbon filter or ionic filter ashtrays. This is because there is usually a lot of tar and ash dirt build-ups that may interfere with the regular functioning of the ashtray mechanics. The use of Q-tips for cleaning can be useful.

As for the Capture Ionic Ashtray’s power source, it is powered by 4 AA batteries or users can charge it using an AC wall transformer adapter. It has a manual on and off switch and it operates quietly considering the absence of fans in its design. It is well thought of, that even in the absence of fans for the filtration process, its dome design still captures most of the smoke.

Users also observed how well this ionic ashtray eliminates smoke when the ash dish is holding the cigarette. However, smoke is emitted the moment the user holds or puffs the cigarette. To get rid of such problems, other solutions like the Smoke Buddy ( or air purifiers ( may also be considered.

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