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Capture the Fickleness of Real-World Soccer with FIFA 13

If you are an aficionado of FIFA, then there is a great news for you. With tremendous success of previous series.......


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- If you are an aficionado of FIFA, then there is a great news for you. With tremendous success of previous series, FIFA has now come up with its best soccer game “FIFA 13”. Officially released on September 28 2012 in United Kingdom, FIFA 13 is enhanced with some of the great features that can take your gaming experience to next level. The popular “EA sports developers” keep on improving their version every year. This time, FIFA 13 has marked the launch of 2013’s multi-faceted video game. Considering the success of previous series, EA sports developer is set to launch its FIFA 14 by the end of 2013.

No doubt, FIFA 13 is a buzz

FIFA 13 has evolved as a recent drone among soccer gamers, as it tags along the heels of unbeaten FIFA 2012. Soccer fans across the globe warmly received FIFA 13 and really loved its features. As a creation of Electronic Arts, this new game gives fans an opportunity to play soccer game with friends and earn FIFA 13 Coins. Realistic on-pitch actions, improved skills and cavernous career mode have completely changed the standard of game. FIFA 13 is enhanced with five game-changing attributes that brought about a revolution in physical play, dribbling, artificial intelligence and ball control. This is probably the most sought-after feature in EA Developers’ history.

Gameplay: Leading ways to great adventure

“First Touch” mechanic is the first and the obvious change that will take some time for players to get accustom to. However, it was quite simple to find the way in previous games almost magnetically onto the boot of recipients. And, this will enable high-skilled players to pluck ball out of air without any difficulty. Having FIFA 13 Coins as a reward during the gameplay added a unique dimension to the game.

Every player must be aware of the factors like speed, contenders and weather. Besides this, they must also know how to control lofted ball using average skilled defender. When striker pushes you down, there are probabilities of turning ball into attacker’s path and offer them a great shot. There is direct control over ball at player’s feet for the simple reason that the game uses tweaked version of dribbling engine. In addition, the new overall attribute of collision engine lets players strike and test out the opponents.

How to earn coins

If you are desperate of earning FIFA 13 Coins, then consider visiting FIFA coin stores and get to know more about the gaming. However, consider settling on a site that ensures fast delivery, competitive pricing and competitive pricing on FUT coins. Most of the sites today have built a devoted following in past few year that can certainly benefit customers belonging to varying economies. Every player wants to be paid for anything they love and do with enthusiasm. Making an allowance for this desire of players, FIFA 13 Ultimate Team rewards you with coins each time you play the match. Notwithstanding with the match, you can play with FUT club and earn FIFA 13 Coins for participation and your performance.

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