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Car Accident Victims Turn to Darwin Johnson


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2017 -- This summer, the Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson is helping clients by providing them with comprehensive legal representation from their leading auto accident and workers' compensation lawyers in Atlanta.

Each day, one person is in an automobile accident every 10 seconds. Over a year, that's more than six million people killed. Unfortunately, this number continues to grow, mainly due to more people on their cell phones. Also during a year, 500,000 people are injured in an accident due to careless drivers. Anyone living in the Macon, Athens, or Atlanta areas that are hurt in an accident this summer should turn to Darwin Johnson and his experienced staff.

With an injury from an accident comes expensive medical bills, and also the lack of money coming in from not being able to work. Johnson knows that on top of being injured from a crash that his clients are going to need to get their vehicles repaired as well. His overall goal is to make sure that his customers are getting the help they need to recover from an accident.

Car insurance companies can be difficult to deal with during these times, and that is why Johnson dedicates his time to all of his clients' cases. There is no reason for car owners to stress when they get in an accident because of the hard-working lawyers at the Law Offices of Darwin Johnson.

Those that find themselves involved in an accident or in need of a workers' compensation lawyer in Atlanta should call 404-692-6482 or visit

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