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Car Battery Specialists at Battery2u Say Regular Car Battery Replacement Can Prevent Many Breakdowns


Liverpool, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- The battery experts at Battery2u are reminding UK drivers that one of the easiest and most effective ways to deter automotive breakdown is through a quality new battery. Since more than 30 percent of all car breakdowns are caused by battery failure, the practical tip can keep more UK drivers safe and moving. Battery2u.co.uk offers the widest choice of premium branded batteries on the web at unbeatable prices.

More often than not, aging faulty batteries do not give signs of their eminent demise, and the end comes abruptly and without warning at the most inopportune time. Despite this reality, most drivers in the UK tend to give little thought to the age of their battery, which is statistically the cause of many breakdowns. In order to keep UK motorists safe and on the road, the specialists at Battery2u have embarked on an information campaign to make monitoring the battery’s age as ubiquitous as timed oil changes. “While batteries can fail prematurely for a variety of reasons, age is most often at the root of the problem,” said a Battery2u.co.uk expert. “Replacing a battery annually or semi annually is an inexpensive and highly cost-effective way to avoid breakdowns that usually bring other unnecessary expenses.”

Known throughout the UK for more than just offering the widest choice of premium branded batteries on the web, battery2u.co.uk has more than 40 years of experience in the automotive battery industry. Their website is designed to offer the correct battery, at the right price, with the minimum amount of fuss. Battery2u provides all of their customers with excellent service, and supplies only the best quality batteries at unbeatable prices.

The Battery2u website’s Car Battery Quick Search tool was designed to be the primary way of helping drivers make battery replacement a simple, inexpensive and proactive deterrent. Drivers merely enter the make of car into the box and they are presented with a list of battery options from which to choose. “In the event they need assistance, our customer service personnel are standing by,” said the expert. “Customers can also come to our newly built Liverpool-based warehouse and fitting centre to have our pros install the battery.”

In addition to specializing in car batteries, Battery2u also carries a wide selection of van, mobility, marine, leisure, and semi-traction batteries. They deal directly with all the major battery manufacturers so UK customers are assured of getting the best deal possible. Battery2u can supply almost any battery to anywhere within the UK and offers a nationwide next-day delivery service. For more information, please visit http://www.battery2u.co.uk/

About Battery2u.co.uk
UK-based Battery2U stocks a wide variety of replacement car, motorcycle, leisure and many other types of vehicle batteries at the lowest prices anywhere. UK shoppers can input the car make and model into their online car battery quick search tool and are instantly provided with a list of quality compatible batteries with their low prices. Shoppers can also search by battery make/model, brand or type. Visit their Liverpool based premises to purchase a new battery and they will install it, or buy online with next-day delivery available on all orders placed before 4 p.m.