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Autodvdgps Delivery Process: No test, No Delivery

No test, No Delivery


ShenZhen, GuangDong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2011 -- China is known as a global production base, providing various commodities to the world, especially the electronics. But in these years, in the foreigners’ eyes, Chinese product is equivalent to bad quality, low price and imitation. Low price is acceptable by everyone; imitation could be acceptable by someone. What about the bad quality? It’s obvious that no one could accept this. Low price is relative to the manufacture from other countries, since the price level is lower in China, comparing with other countries. To be specific, the price is relevant to the quality. Different companies have specific quality requirement and standard. The commercial company with relaxed requirements will lead the customer to get many unqualified products. Audi navigation

For commodity transaction, product quality is the key point. Why the quality is so important? The quality is the base of every trade, especially for the international electronics trade. If there is any problem of the product, it will need to be returned to repair or change for a new one. This will need some more money and time for shipping. Bad impress will come to the customer’s head. The worst result is losing the customer forever. But all these could avoid if your product is high quality and if the seller tests all the products before ship them. Qualir is the positive representative of high demand and high quality. They know what the customers need well, and pay more attention on the test before pack. auto navigation system

Autodvdgps.com is the official website of Qualir Auto Electronics Co., Ltd. It is the leader of multifunctional car dvd gps player supplier. It is famous for the high quality, as well as the quick respond of customer service. Quality and Reliability are the two key attributes of Qualir. These attributes keep Qualir developing and gaining more and more customer trust. All of the products are subjected to strict quality controls. Evidence is provided by national and international test marks such as FCC and the CE conformity. In additional to the third party quality test, Qualir keeps working for consistent product quality by individually testing every unit before products leave Qualir warehouse. They need to go through rigorous in-house testing including audio / video test, navigation test etc. Here are the QC principles of Qualir:

"4-point quality inspection" is adopted by our professional QC Team. .a visual inspection--We look through the unit and accessories and keep them from bad appearance. .a functionality test--Our QC team are also equipped with advanced lab facilities. We check all the functions one by one with the relevant devices. .a parts & accessory check--All the parts and accessories should also pass through a visual inspection and a functionality test. And ship together with the unit. .a packaging check--We take all the products as baby and wrap it in the special shockproof package. Qualir will go through all the steps before package. The whole company is committed to providing the best products to the customers.

There is a saying, “In Autodvdgps delivery, no test, no delivery”. That is the true reflection of Qualir. And now you can make your choice. universal car navigation radio