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Car Hire Expert Carhire99 Expands Service to over 171 Countries


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2012 -- Car hiring provides transportation for people traveling on long trips in a comfortable and inexpensive manner. Since hiring a car allows the user to travel at their own pace, time, and convenience without putting miles on an individual’s car, it is becoming a great travel alternative.

Travelers across the globe are turning to Carhire99 for all of their Car Hire needs. With service that spans across 550 suppliers in 171 countries and 30,000 city and airport locations, Carhire99 is guaranteed to find customers the right car for any journey.

The car rental company is pleased to offer three popular types of rentals: Exotic Car Rental, Compact Car Rental, and Economy Car Rental.

Carhire99’s Exotic Car Rental service is a hit with those who enjoy dazzling cars. With a selection of cars that includes Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mustangs, Porsches, and Corvettes, renters can experience the sleekest, fastest, and most thrilling rides for a fraction of the cost.

The Compact Car Rental service is perfect for families. With room for up to five passengers and three to five pieces of luggage, compact cars are smaller than most cars but bigger than the smallest models on the marketplace. Carhire99’s selection of compact car rentals is stylish, fuel efficient, and comfortable—a great choice for business trips, holidays, and vacations.

In a similar manner, Carhire99’s Economy Car Rental service offers the best rates. By simply contacting the staff, customers will receive an unbeatable quote that is perfect for their budget with no extra charges or hidden fees.

The car hire service also provides minivan and van rentals that are excellent for summer getaways.

Finding a desired car and service package is easy with the company’s secure, user-friendly, online booking system. Currency, as well as language, is not a barrier as the Car Hire company accommodates a wide selection. Customers can expect fully inclusive booking fees, 24/7-customer support, and no hidden charges when they book with Carhire99.

The rental company provides same day car hire as well as the option for rental extensions.

Because they fulfill their promise of “comfort, safety, and good pricing,” Carhire99’s reviews all feature clients promising to return.

“I often travel for business purposes and I seek a reliable car company because time is of essence to me. I need a reliable car to take me wherever my business partners are. CarHire99’s superb service exceeded my expectations, I can’t imagine dealing with another car company,” writes Robert Cooke, a frequent client.

About Carhire99
Carhire99, headquartered in London, has extended their service immensely over the past several years. With the help of their ever-growing professional team, Car Hire 99 makes fast and reliable service possible. They compare car rentals from over 550 leading and independent car rental suppliers in 171 countries, 30,000 city and airport locations, 30 languages, and multiple currencies. For more information, please visit: http://www.carhire99.com/.