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Car Insurance Quotations New System Streamlines Search to Bring Best Value Car Insurance in Minutes


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- Searching the best car insurance deal can be one of the most difficult and irritating aspects of financial life, as evidenced by the plethora of price comparison sites that have sprung up to offer help in making the process easier. One site, Car Insurance Quotations, has been providing advice and guidance on lowering insurance rates using easy to implement techniques for years. It has recently refined its own search function, promising to be fast, easy, free and safe.

When searching for the best rates, it makes sense that many consumers would look for low quotations, but the site is keen to delineate the difference between the two, as often cheaper policies sacrifice coverage which may result in more expenditure down the line in the event of unforeseen incidents. This forms just part of the common sense advice they give.

As part of the commitment to demystifying the process for those new or inexperienced in exploiting the competition in the market, the site provides a glossary of key terms, jargon and buzzwords with common sense definitions to allow users to easily identify what policies offer, as well as what they may be trying to hide.

The new search function operates by asking users to enter their zipcode, instantly eliminating irrelevant matches and saving users considerable time, so that they can be comparing rates from different insurers in minutes, thus streamlining what in the past has been an arduous process for many.

A spokesperson for Car Insurance Quotations explained, “While the advice we offer is ultimately only our opinion and we respect that consumers need to make their own decisions, we do have years of industry experience and the refined search function allows them to find local and national companies easier than ever, each locked in fierce competition with each other, which in turn drives competition down. Our users can stand to see significant savings if they resolve to spend the time needed on investigation, which thanks to the recent developments might well be less than they imagine.”

About Car Insurance Quotations
Car Insurance Quotations is a website created by industry insiders to streamline the process of finding car insurance policies at competitive prices. The site has recently added a search function that allows individuals to quickly find major insurers to compare and find the best rates. For more information please visit: