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Car Insurance Quotes Website BestAutoInsure.com Is Launching a New and Advanced Comparison Tool


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- BestAutoInsure.com, a website that helps people compare car insurance quotes, is launching a new and advanced car insurance comparison tool that can help drivers save a significant amount of money on their premiums.

During the initial testing period with over 500 clients, the innovative tool was able to help drivers save an average of $476 on their annual car insurance premiums. Since it was first launched in early 2013, BestAutoInsure.com has already earned a well-deserved reputation for helping people save money on their car insurance; the site is already one of the leading car insurance websites in the United States.

As anyone who has purchased car insurance knows quite well, it can take up a major portion of the monthly budget. While drivers want to find the best auto insurance prices around, doing so has traditionally meant taking a lot of time to make numerous phone calls and visit a variety of companies. This process can make drivers feel overwhelmed and confused.

Thanks to BestAutoInsure.com, drivers now have an easy way to shop for cheap car insurance. All that they need to do to get free and instant car insurance quotes is to fill in their zip code at the top of the website’s home page. That will bring up another page that includes the top car insurance companies and their current rates. By providing drivers with all of the information they need right on their computer screens, they can sit back, relax and compare prices—all without ever having to leave the comfort of home.

BestAutoInsure.com also features helpful information that can help drivers save even more on their car insurance. For example, an article titled “Tips to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums” advises people on the things they can do to help keep their insurance costs as low as possible.

“One way to lower your premiums is to drive less than 12,000 miles per year,” the article noted, adding that this figure is most commonly used by the best car insurance companies when factoring in premium rates.

“If you only plan to use your vehicle to drive to and from your job, shop for groceries and visit local relatives and friends occasionally, you need to tell your insurance agent that your driving habits are moderate.”

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