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Car Insurance Quotes Website CheapCarInsuranceRatesHQ Is Launched by Entrepreneurial 18-Year-Old


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- CheapCarInsuranceRatesHQ, a website that allows drivers to quickly and easily compare car insurance quotes, has just launched its new and user-friendly site. People who want to save money on their insurance premiums can use the website’s handy comparison tool, which will provide them with car insurance quotes from a variety of reputable companies.

The website is the brainchild of an entrepreneurial 18-year-old girl who was shocked to discover how much her mom was paying each month for the teen’s car insurance. As the founder of the cheap car insurance site explained, she assumed that because she earned a 4.0 GPA in high school and had qualified for a good student discount, it probably did not cost a lot to insure her.

“One night when I was at the kitchen table doing my homework, my mom sat down next to me and started working on the bills,” the founder of CheapCarInsuranceRatesHQ said.

“She left the car insurance bill sitting on the table and I glanced over at the amount and was totally blown away at how high it was. I was getting great grades in school, I’ve never had an accident or a speeding ticket, and I even took a driver’s ed class, but none of those things seemed to make much of a difference in what she was paying to insure me.”

After speaking with her mom—who was working two jobs to support the two of them—the 18-year-old decided she had to do something to help. She began learning all she could about car insurance rates and how they are determined and read how-to books about creating a website from scratch.

In the short time that CheapCarInsuranceRatesHQ has been up and running, it has already become incredibly popular with people from all over the country. Dozens of hard-working drivers just like the young teen’s mom have used the auto insurance company comparison site to save an often significant amount on their car insurance.

The 18-year-old founder is thrilled with how well her website is doing. As a bonus, her own mom used the site to save money on car insurance. In fact, she is now paying so much less, she was able to quit her second job.

“My mom works so hard to take care of me and give me everything I need in life,” the teenager said.

“ It just feels so good to know I was able to help her and other people save a lot of money on car insurance.”

About CheapCarInsuranceRatesHQ
CheapCarInsuranceRatesHQ is a new website that helps people compare auto insurance rates, which in turn can help them save often significant amounts of money. The user-friendly site also includes educational articles about car insurance, and how people can get the lowest rates possible. For more information, please visit http://cheapcarinsurancerateshq.com